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Five Classic Movies About Sailing in the Caribbean

Five Classic Movies About Sailing in the CaribbeanWritten by James Kell, founder of Sailing Virgins Heading on a Caribbean sailing vacation and want some movies to get you in the mood?  We list six movies that capture the spirit of the area.  Even though Pirates of the Caribbean is a series (and a great one at that), for brevity we have just listed ... MORE

Matthew Mawkes Interview

Matthew Mawkes Interview Tell us a bit about your background.   I grew up in Tauranga and studied filmmaking at Avalon Film & TV School in Wellington way back in 2000. I've since made various short films but always wanted to work toward making a feature, and 16 years on this is finally coming to fruition with 'Blind Panic' (a ... MORE

The Secret Life of Pets Official Review

The Secret Life of Pets Official Review The Secret Life of Pets is a sugary little movie that explores the daily lives of pets in New York while their owners are away. An adventurous, and beautifully crafted animated film that will get your local cat lady bouncing. Although the film lacks the kind of originality seen from its for-bearers (Despicable Me, & Despicable ... MORE

Paddy Slattery Interview

Paddy Slattery Interview Did you know from a young age you were going to be involved in the film industry?   Not a clue. I developed an obsession with film and film making after a life changing car crash that subsequently left me wheelchair bound, so it was borne out of boredom at first then an insatiable desire to tell ... MORE

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