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Ben Wilson

Ben identifies with many things. Writing, gyming, impeccable opinions, shapely biceps, mild narcissism. Ben holds these truths to be self-evident; Dragonball Z is the world’s best cartoon, Google+ is better than Facebook and schadenfreude is comedy’s greatest asset.

Where Spanish people actually speak in Spanish Assassin’s Creed has more than anything else, always been a framework for historical antics. All the future stuffed be damned – people want to lose themselves in the past of a dummy character whose only purpose is so we can play with history and assassin things. If any video… Read More

Many Bothans died to bring you this information Being a small part of A New Hope nobody thought too hard on, Rogue One is a funny thing to make a movie about. It basically exists to serve the purpose of another, larger movie, while sort of acting as a self-sustaining entity on its own. It’s… Read More

“It seems to me I am trying to tell you a dream – making a vein attempt, because no relation of a dream can convey the dream sensation.” – Joseph Conrad I dream, a lot, consistently every night – usually three or four times. I happen to remember them too. When you had several dreams… Read More

Finding a remake that doesn’t fudge itself is rare nowadays. Probably ‘cause remakes are good for business, but not reputation. After all, if you’re creating another version of something that’s already been created, your intentions probably weren’t noble to begin with. The Magnificent Seven is one of those fat-lady movies that comes along when the… Read More

Shark movies are one of those populations-scarers having the misfortune of peaking too early. Nary a good one has been made, and everyone’s kinda given up since Jaws did it better four decades ago – all too eagerly passing the hot potato for Sharknado to satirise a mildy-amusing monstrosity. The mistake made by most is… Read More

Reviewers go through phases of thinking. I know I have. The early years murk themselves in the optimism that comes with any kind of puberty; only for the inspired idealism to be dulled by the gradual grind of movie after movie. We look back on earlier times in our career and call it ‘naivety’. We… Read More

From the Bourne tradition of naming every movie with a badass title, calling this Jason Bourne seems like phoning it in. Whilst getting the message across for a revamp, having come out of the Bourne closet after 9 years, JB demands a better title than the first thing he’ll see on his power bill. Maybe… Read More

While I’m happy for Star Trek to be getting more attention of late, I’m also worried it’s the wrong kind. For someone to go into Abram’s movies and think this must be how Star Trek is, not only deprives them of what Star Trek really is, but what the movies could’ve been – a means… Read More

Contrary to what some say, video game movies can be good. Their interactive nature does not inherently handicap them for cinematic translation. Some games, you know who you are, are so close to film their interactivity makes no definitive difference to the experience. What people are really arguing is for Hollywood to stop making movies… Read More

It’s no coincidence that Marvel and DC are releasing suspiciously similar movies shoulder to shoulder, and let’s not pretend it’s anything less than a pissing contest.  Whilst Batman Vs Superman left an convoluted mess on the seat, Civil War has proven its aim true. As much as I wish DC’s full basket of eggs had… Read More