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Bedeviled – A Film by the Vang Brothers  ‘Ever download a killer app? In this terrifying-thriller for the digital generation, five teenagers receive to download a Siri-like app. Once they accept, the app – which calls itself Mister Bedevil – begins a torment for each of them, tapping into their deepest, darkest fears. Now, this… Read More

About a month after the great Cheeto was inaugurated into the presidency earlier this year, Director Jordan Peele seemingly provided the clapback every marginalized person of color wished to express in defiance of Trump’s divisive rhetoric and wildly unsurprising idiocy. Something that was surprising, however, was how well Get Out explained to everyone just how… Read More

  Life is My Movie Entertainment have set up a platform for people, community groups and organizations to host a free screening of their upcoming documentary film Warehoused: The Forgotten Refugees of Dadaab.   LOS ANGELES, CA—Life is My Movie Entertainment is inviting people around the world to come together to set up a free… Read More

The Secret Life of Pets is a sugary little movie that explores the daily lives of pets in New York while their owners are away. An adventurous, and beautifully crafted animated film that will get your local cat lady bouncing. Although the film lacks the kind of originality seen from its for-bearers (Despicable Me, & Despicable… Read More

Tell us a bit about your background I’m a Kiwi girl, born and raised! I’m of Māori and European descent. I’m currently living in Christchurch but moving to London soon.   Did you grow up wanting to be a film publicist? I grew up wanting to be many things, everything from a paleontologist through to… Read More

“Coffee & Cabbage” – Teaser from Josh Mitchell on Vimeo.

Poi E is a ‘feel good’ New Zealand documentary type film. It provides a warm, intimate, and informative story about a well-known song, and the people who played a major part in putting it all together, performing to national and international audiences. It is a story about Dalvanius Prime who conceived the song. Although he was… Read More

When did you first develop a keen interest in filmmaking?   I started writing as an undergraduate years ago at Cornell University.  I wrote some news articles, and various other things.  My writing evolved into screenwriting. This year two of my projects advanced in film festivals at the script stage, so I decided to produce… Read More

The New Zealand Classification Office today advised that the documentary Embrace, due to screen at the New Zealand International Film Festival in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin has been classified as “Unrestricted M: suitable for mature audiences 16 years of age and over”, with a descriptive note for “offensive language and nudity”. This New Zealand… Read More