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Tell us a bit about your background. I was born in Calfornia but moved with my family to Georgia when I was 10. Most of my formative years took place in the south specifically in Gwinnett county which is just outside of Atlanta. As of last month ago I moved back to Los Angeles so… Read More

Tell us a bit about your background.  I started making movies at a young age with my parents VHS camcorder, taking photos with the family 35mm, and playing around with an old 8mm film projector and Super 8 camera that came from some relatives, along with recording audio on cassette tapes, I put together a… Read More

Tell us a bit about your background. I was born and raised in Mexico, where I did my undergrad in Business Administration and Marketing. Nevertheless, I always had a passion for acting, so right after graduation, I auditioned for the BFA Acting program at UBC in Vancouver, Canada; that’s a conservatory type of program, and… Read More

Tell us a bit about your background. Oh gosh. I´ve done a little bit of everything, which I think is a good thing as a filmmaker. I´ve studied at film schools in New York and Prague, studied film science and history, worked at McDonalds, was a teacher for several years, and now I also work… Read More

Tell us a bit about your background. I studied design and worked in advertising for about 10 years. I became frustrated at work and started to paint at home. It felt good to be doing something for myself and the response (to my relief). I started to sell work and have exhibitions which felt fantastic.… Read More

Tell us a bit abut your background. I make short films and music videos, and I currently live in Sydney. – When did you first get interested in films and filmmaking?  When I was a kid I got to go to the set of a Boom Crash Opera music video and I remember the art… Read More

He’s a 21 year old first time filmmaker. On a budget of almost nothing, Daniel Metcalf, aided by his family and friends made the short film The Job Hunt (which you can watch here). We sat down for an exclusive interview with him. Tell us a bit about your background? I am twenty one years… Read More

Thomas Brothers recently released their debut self titled album. But what few people know is that their journey in making the album began with their involvement in the film Someone to Carry Me. We sat down with them and were amazed to learn about how the challenge of making a film soundtrack gave them the confidence to… Read More

Tell us a bit about your award winning film Vicious. Where did you get the idea for it?   Vicious was born from wanting to tell a story that is both horribly tense yet looks beautiful – something that could happen to any of us and that the audience could take home with them afterwards.… Read More

Tell us a bit about your background.   I grew up in Tauranga and studied filmmaking at Avalon Film & TV School in Wellington way back in 2000. I’ve since made various short films but always wanted to work toward making a feature, and 16 years on this is finally coming to fruition with ‘Blind… Read More