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Many Bothans died to bring you this information Being a small part of A New Hope nobody thought too hard on, Rogue One is a funny thing to make a movie about. It basically exists to serve the purpose of another, larger movie, while sort of acting as a self-sustaining entity on its own. It’s… Read More

“It seems to me I am trying to tell you a dream – making a vein attempt, because no relation of a dream can convey the dream sensation.” – Joseph Conrad I dream, a lot, consistently every night – usually three or four times. I happen to remember them too. When you had several dreams… Read More

Finding a remake that doesn’t fudge itself is rare nowadays. Probably ‘cause remakes are good for business, but not reputation. After all, if you’re creating another version of something that’s already been created, your intentions probably weren’t noble to begin with. The Magnificent Seven is one of those fat-lady movies that comes along when the… Read More

Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger) certainly looks her age! The opening shots of everyone’s favourite spinster celebrating her 43rd birthday, alone in her flat, are not flattering. Zellweger’s skin looks creased and crumpled, as withered as lacklustre parchment. However, she does look like the Bridget that we know and love from the previous films, which is… Read More

The Secret Life of Pets is a sugary little movie that explores the daily lives of pets in New York while their owners are away. An adventurous, and beautifully crafted animated film that will get your local cat lady bouncing. Although the film lacks the kind of originality seen from its for-bearers (Despicable Me, & Despicable… Read More

Toy Story meets SuperBad Those that have read my reviews in past should know that I have an affinity for Seth Rogen and therefore can see the “positives” in almost all of his films (with the exception of The Green Hornet of course). This leads to Seth’s latest outing Sausage Party which is essentially a… Read More

Let’s do this properly, shall we. Bradley Cooper is the best actor in the film a mile and the humor never deviates too far either way, so you can appreciate the silliness of this WAR DOGS, which is amazingly based on a true story. You’re are often left wandering how much of it is real and… Read More

One-eyed, 11 year old Kubo in ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ sounds like an unlikely hero in almost every respect, yet this mythic, animated fable, set in Japan in the era of the Samurai, corresponds to Joseph Campbell’s 17 step narrative template called The Hero’s Journey. The movie’s screenplay writers, Marc Haimes and Chris Butler, know… Read More

Reviewers go through phases of thinking. I know I have. The early years murk themselves in the optimism that comes with any kind of puberty; only for the inspired idealism to be dulled by the gradual grind of movie after movie. We look back on earlier times in our career and call it ‘naivety’. We… Read More

With a gross of over one hundred and fifty million dollars in the in U.S. box office, Bad Neighbours was sure to get a sequel sooner or later. With the recent release of Bad Neighbours 2, movie goers can expect the same pre-packaged laughs and a few new additions to the cast to ensure the film… Read More