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We just showed the movie WAREHOUSED to a local church group. It drew us into its story, which was heartwarming yet disturbing . Life Is My Movie Entertainment is to be congratulated on a dispassionate analysis of what it is really like to live as a long-term refugee – 25 years – in a camp… Read More

The Harry Potter kids have come of age now. Those who started as fankids with the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, are now solidly in their twenties, and those who got swept into the franchise with the later books, are mature teens. So, it makes sense that the most recent film to… Read More

First screened here during the 2016 NZ International Film Festival, Saburra is a heady concoction of vice, corruption, greed, and bloodshed. Italian director Stefan Sollima lays the sleaze on thick to paint a grimy, synth-infused tale of escalating mob violence on the streets of modern day Rome. The story follows a business proposition to turn… Read More

This film is based on a 2012 novel by the same name written by an Australian author Ms M L Stedman who was born and raised in West Australia and today lives in the UK. It is set in 1918 on an isolated lighthouse located on the southern tip of Western Australia where the Indian… Read More

The western has always been a genre acutely reflective of the current social climate in America, so it seems fitting that as an election year defined by class divide draws to a close, this late contender for 2016’s best film centres around ideas of poverty, community, and distrust of institutions. Having made a name for… Read More

The Secret Life of Pets is a sugary little movie that explores the daily lives of pets in New York while their owners are away. An adventurous, and beautifully crafted animated film that will get your local cat lady bouncing. Although the film lacks the kind of originality seen from its for-bearers (Despicable Me, & Despicable… Read More

Cinemaddicts founder Stuart Macadam looks at the Richie McCaw film and gives his verdict.

You’ll probably like Chasing Great if you’re an All Blacks fan, a Richie McCaw fan or a rugby fan. For those who know little to nothing, you’ll probably leave feeling a bit confused. Walking out the cinema, I felt like I’d just watched a game of rugby which ended in a draw. The retired All… Read More

One of the greatest adventure stories of the 20th century? The conquest of Everest by Ed Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953.   Fast-forward to now and the film Sherpa. Moving, compelling, breath-taking documentary. Add it it to the must-see list for all kiwi cinemaddicts and anyone, anywhere with an eye for adventure and a sense… Read More