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Science Fiction

Many Bothans died to bring you this information Being a small part of A New Hope nobody thought too hard on, Rogue One is a funny thing to make a movie about. It basically exists to serve the purpose of another, larger movie, while sort of acting as a self-sustaining entity on its own. It’s… Read More

Arrival takes and old idea and attempts to make it new again in Dennis Villeneuve’s latest thinking man’s blockbuster. The landing of 12 space crafts, looking rather like London’s gherkin skyscraper, at various locations around the world incites widespread panic and fear. Amid the chaos, a linguistics professor is recruited by the American military to… Read More

By this stage I don’t think anyone’s expecting anything new from Dragonball. I don’t even think Dragonball has offered anything new to Dragonball. Though I have heard complaints to this very point; criticisms that either ignore or aren’t conscious of its narrative groundwork. As discussed in my Battle of the Gods review, Dragonball is foundationally… Read More

Paul Rudd is Scott Lang, just released from San Quentin for burglary and fraud and looking to rebuild his life after 3 years inside. He needs to prove himself a stable parent so he can have visiting rights with his young daughter Cassie. Michael Douglas is Hank Pym, who has worked in the area of… Read More

It is hard to know how far a short film maker is with their on screen journey. Luke Stewart’s short film Master and Apprentice seems to be on a trail of discovery. And I hope I’m correct in my assessment here. A lot was being tried out in this short about a novice wizard seeking to… Read More

What to say about ‘Lucy’… a film so lost in a world of passé film plots it’s a wonder people know what I’m talking about when I mention the film’s name. Movie director Luc Besson, well known for his preceding creations such as ‘”The Transporter” trilogies (Starring Jason Statham)  and the much more prevalent film… Read More

Universal studios bring us yet again another thought provoking film on the ‘human condition’ with their rendition of the best seller Divergent by Veronica Roth. Entertaining us with the concept of a broken world divided by fractions, and a society on the delicate verge of collapse, the story has us follow the young and beautiful Tris… Read More

Edge of Tomorrow: The Superior Video Game Movie Usually when I watch a trailer I get drawn into its short narrative and take it as veracity, believing it’ll appropriately represent the larger picture. But as is often the case, the small and carefully crafted montage does not mirror the real thing. Edge of Tomorrow has… Read More

Days of Future Past is one of those weird titles that everyone seems to look over with robotic acceptance. The comic came out in the 80s, so maybe people have kinda dealt with the chronological absurdity of the name… Assault On Future Pasta is X-Men’s attempt at Terminator. Apparently a lot of crap’s gone down, and… Read More

You know that space is full of junk, don’t you? Orbiting the earth in varying sizes and layers are tens of thousands of items jettisoned during the space race, as well as decommissioned satellites and other debris. The attitude that once prevailed towards the oceans as big enough to accommodate all sorts of sewage and… Read More