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Purity, absolute goodness, an unbreakable will; characteristics like these are common within Hollywood films. The difference with Hacksaw Ridge, directed by Mel Gibson, is the truth about this story. There is no denying that what happened back in World War II was devastating; a complete abandonment of morals. But among the debris and smoke of… Read More

Let’s do this properly, shall we. Bradley Cooper is the best actor in the film a mile and the humor never deviates too far either way, so you can appreciate the silliness of this WAR DOGS, which is amazingly based on a true story. You’re are often left wandering how much of it is real and… Read More

Dad’s Army is a British film that feels very British – so that’s fitting. It’s also a film that feels like a TV series, and since it’s based on a sitcom of the same name – that’s fitting, too. Fittingly, too, British director Oliver Parker has directed many a UK TV series e.g. The Bill… Read More

It’s difficult to resist IMDB influence once you’ve laid eyes upon. When you’d rather not be swayed by the shiny stars from fear of professional corruption, with the possibility of compromising your own opinion to align it with the critical community, and avoid looking like a wally for saying something ‘cinematically incorrect’. I avoided other… Read More

“Fury,” a gritty, hard-hitting, realistic war film exposes the horror, both physical and psychological of “what one man can do to another”. It is the latest WW 2 epic war movie starring Brad Pitt, and is written and directed by David Ayer. This film, in Ayer’s words, deals with a “psychically toxic kind of warfare,”… Read More

Edge of Tomorrow: The Superior Video Game Movie Usually when I watch a trailer I get drawn into its short narrative and take it as veracity, believing it’ll appropriately represent the larger picture. But as is often the case, the small and carefully crafted montage does not mirror the real thing. Edge of Tomorrow has… Read More

This film is centred around several naval battles. In keeping with a nautical metaphor, I am going to nail my colours to the mast and say that I would not have chosen to watch this movie … which explains why I did not see its predecessor: ‘300’. Unlike the feisty women of the film: Persian… Read More

The Debt

There is something awesome about a good spy movie. For people who have ordinary jobs, seeing spies in action provides a thrilling escape from one’s predictable daily routine. But in The Debt, we are caught in two different time periods. One is in 1965, the other in 1997. The lives of three Mossad agents in… Read More