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Ask Annabel 1 2015

The previous Ask Annabel had a record number of questions. Here are the answers to the first half.

Annabel Bailey

What did you think about Interstellar? Long and drawn out or exciting and action packed?

Annabel: I really liked Interstellar but still have’nt got my head totally around it. I would have to see it again. Some of it was drawn out in the middle but it’s a very long movie so some slow bits are inevitable.


Do you believe the new Hunger Games is as good as the first one?

Annabel: It’s a good movie but as we are familiar with the plot and characters there is less surprise in watching it. I actually think the second movie is the best.


Hi, what do you think of Fury? Not usually a fan of Brad Pitt, but does this movie just do what
other war movies do or does it stand out in some way, either good acting or realistic, good
plot etc? Something that makes it stand out. Thanks

Annabel: I am a Brad Pitt fan but I have not seen Fury yet.



I have heard several different commentaries on Interstellar. Some are saying it is terrible
others loved it so what is your verdict plz?

Annabel : I really liked Interstellar – it was a bit weird in parts but some of the ideas were good. I have reviewed it separately for Cinemaddicts.


What did anyone think of Annabel? Was it scary ,as good as the conjuring?

Annabel: I have not seen Annabelle yet. A friend said the Conjuring was pretty scary so I’ll take her word for it until I see it and can compare with Annabelle.


Do you think there are other planets like in Interstellar? Would you want NASA to explore

Annabel: No idea….possibly but space travel does not appeal to me .If these planets take 27 years to get there I am way too old to start a space career. We should take better care of the planet we have.




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