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Ask Annabel 3

Annabel is keeping things honest. Here she is to answer your latest questions.

Annabel Bailey

Hi! In your opinion, how do you feel about big movies with shallow plotlines making millions of reruns. Like the transformers movies or despicable me 1&2. Iv always seen it as a cheap way to make more cash off veiwers, and it is slowly pushing audiences away from paying full price for second rate movies (or any movie for that matter). But let's get a second opinion

Annabel: Well I won’t be seeing Transformers 4….Kate Rodger only gave it 2 stars. I respect her opinion most of  the time but 3 hours of Trandsformers will be too much for me. I will watch it on Sky movies when home sick one day. But from a commercial point of view if you are onto a winner why stop? Just rehash it and add some more action/scary creatures/world as we know it coming to an end etc and watch the $$$ roll in. I think I enjoyed Transformers 1 but as they have a soporific effect on me I have not seen any of them in their entirety so when I rewatch any Transformers movies I have no idea which one it is. I did actually like the Despicable Me movies (maybe I am deeply immature) but the little girls were so cute and Gru was such an old grump who eventually found love proving the point that there is someone out there for everyone…and how could we live without the Minions?I can’t live without my Minion phone case but then that proves I am deeply immature.From an artistic point of  view the movie makers should be aiming to surprise and delight us so we are riveted to the screen unable to move or we should be so shocked with the ending/plot twists it takes us awhile to process that shock. Then we should be able to leave the movie theatre thinking we got our money’s worth. I look forward to Avatar 2 because I do rewatch that movie and it’s one of my favourites.If you like going to the movies look around for ways to make it cheaper. I’ll sneak in a plug for Hoyts here…keep your supermarket receipt and on the back sometimes there is a 2 movie tickets for $24 which is a good deal, or they have a movie of the week (advertised online) which is only $10 a ticket. Also if you have a lot of Flybuys you can spend them on movie tickets.


Have you seen those  Youtube videos where they condense movies into like 15 seconds? 

Annabel: No I haven’t. I’ll have to check them out.


What cinema is showing Desert Running ?  

Annabel: Sorry no idea. I googled it but the screenings were last year in the US. Maybe you can get it from the DVD shop.


Have you every had a deja vu feeling when you watched a movie?

Annabel: Sometimes with the dialogue…I say to myself I bet the answer is ……..and when I am right I think I should move into my script writing career.  Ideally with a good remake of an old classic you should get that feeling.


How many movies from the IMDB top 250 can you name with out lookin?

Annabel: Some, maybe a lot. I’ll have to get back to you on this. My esteemed Editor needs all these answers done tonight. Surely Titanic is on the list and Inception.


Would you ever make out with Brad Pitt if he asked nicely?  

Annabel: I need a bit more background to comment on this… are we in Venice in a gondola? Well then yes of course I would…..but like all romantic moments something will spoil it. I can only imagine there would be paparazzi popping their camera flashes all over the place or the gondola may capsize and I will be drowning in Venetian canal water. And horror of horrors – what if Angelina finds out? I have no desire to be the other woman in some superstar marriage drama. Although after watching World War Z I did say to myself…hmmm I think Brad might be even better looking than when he was young.


Annabel what is the funniest movie you’ve ever seen?

Annabel: I can’t decide..I will always watch “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” and “A fish called Wanda” when they are on Sky. These are old movies so I googled funny movies of the 2000’s and would agree with their choice of ‘the Hangover’ movies and ‘Paul’. Anything with Jim Carrey is usually hilarious – he has such an expressive face. Sometimes it’s the actor who carries off the humour…think the hangover guys, Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler and Steve Carell. Or sometimes it’s just something hilarious from a good script writer.


Do you ever enjoy a glass of sparkling wine at the Bridgeway? I’ve been there a few times and they always have a good range on offer.

Annabel: Yes, it’s one of the things I love about the Bridgeway. A good night for me is a movie at the Bridgeway and then a Spanish pizza and a red wine next door at Sausalito.


How many movies do you see a week?

Annabel: Hi Loretta, probably only one per week and sometimes not even that. We have Sky movies so I can catch up on movies there and sometimes get a DVD at the weekend. In a parallel universe I would probably go to the movies every day.


If you have a movie or movie related question for Annabel leave it below.

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  • Loretta Bush July 21, 2014, 11:03 am

    Hi Annabel
    What is your favourite NZ film?


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