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Paddy Slattery Interview


Did you know from a young age you were going to be involved in the film industry?


Not a clue. I developed an obsession with film and film making after a life changing car crash that subsequently left me wheelchair bound, so it was borne out of boredom at first then an insatiable desire to tell my own story. Prior to that crash, I was interested in working in building construction, carpentry and architecture.



Do you think film making challenges you in every aspect of the creative process? (Visual, audio, dialogue etc)


Yes and this is why I favour filmmaking to writing songs, poetry or photography. Although filmmaking is a lot more time-consuming and expensive, it’s also a collaborative process and I love meeting and creating with likeminded people. Each department, be it actors performance, directing, art direction, cinematography, composing a score, mixing and editing and so on, have their own set of creative challenges and when everything is working in harmony to serve a story, this truly is the best feeling in the world.



What are some of the things you enjoy about directing films?


I guess the process is just as fulfilling as the result. Or, like a quote I once read, “Success is the journey and not the destination”. Working with each department, particularly the actors to create or recreate a scene is great fun. You also get to exercise your own voice and style on the film in the hope of engaging, entertaining and possibly even inspiring an audience.



Are there things which you don’t enjoy about directing?


Time. Never enough time. You always need more time to “get the shot” and generally that limitation is caused by a limited budget. So, if anyone is unprepared in their job, it has a knock on effect that hampers your chances of getting the coverage you want. There’s always a necessity to compromise and hope it’s all there in the edit and if it’s not, you have to make big decisions that could ultimately let down the film.



Tell us a bit about your upcoming film The Broken Law of Attraction?


This is my debut feature film. It’s a crime/drama about a trusted Guard (cop) who must break the law in order to save his ex-convicted brother, but in doing so, he falls in love with the victim of his brother’s crime. The film itself in heavily inspired by films like Scorsese’s Mean Streets or Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction; character driven, fun, edgy, gritty and most importantly entertaining. At least that’s my aim. We plan on shooting around the suburban areas of Dublin over the coming months with some of Ireland’s brightest cast and crew.




How can people find out more about the project?


On our website www.thebrokenlawofattraction.com you’ll find out details of our production and how your readers can become involved. Yes, become involved… you see, we need as much support from as many people as possible in order to get this film made. If you visit this link, you’ll see exactly what I mean – www.indiegogo.com/at/thebrokenlawofattraction So, who knows, one of your subscribers might just be the difference in getting this film made or not.



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