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5 Ways to Get More Involved With Movie Night

Movie night is a great night in or out, which can be enjoyed by people of any age. Whether you’re a movie buff, or just a casual observer, there’s no denying that everyone’s had a movie night at some point in their lives. Watching a film can be a great way to relax, but one of the great beauties of cinema is that it evokes emotion, and can also make you feel a little bit more like you’re somehow involved in the characters’ lives. Here are a few ways you can get more invested.

Learn To Live Like The Stars

Probably not the best idea if you’re watching a gangster movie, however, there are plenty of ways you can feel more connected to the characters on screen. If you’re watching some kind of Southern Californian drama, why not research flights to the area, just for fun? You don’t have to actually go, but if you can imagine yourself there for a second, you’ll be able to picture yourself in their lives more easily. If you’re watching a casino movie, you could visit a pokies site to get some practice in, for example, or if you’re watching something where the protagonist really knows her stuff about fashion, you could check out the latest styles on one of the top New Zealand style blogs.

Make Sure Your Snacks Are On Point

If you’ve ever been hungry whilst trying to work, you’ll know that your concentration is absolutely, 100% down. When watching a film, you want to make sure that you have enough snacks to last for the duration. It’s time to get serious. A bag of chips simply won’t cut it. You’ll need a full house – flavoured popcorn, drinks, lollies, the lot. After all that, you’ll honestly feel more switched on, plus it’ll feel more authentic.


Read Movie Reviews

Before investing hours of your time into a film, make sure you’re aware of what it’s going to be about. If you hate action films, there’s absolutely no point heading off to the cinema to see the latest James Bond now, is there?! Obviously, some things will be a lot subtler. You can learn which actors are in the movie, read a brief synopsis, and of course you can watch the trailer. If the reviews are good, you’re good to go. If they’re bad? Honestly, it depends how bad. That can be part of the fun. And of course, everyone’s taste is different.

Take All Your Friends

Whether you’re venturing out to the local cinema or chilling out at home, a movie night is better with friends (or at least someone else to enjoy it with!). When it comes to movies, the more the merrier – you have people to discuss the entire thing with, but be warned… there will always be that one person who will always chime in with their theories of what’s about to happen next. And they will almost always be wrong!

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