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A Dozen Summers: A Comedy for the whole family

Monkey Basket Films, in association with Hathi Productions, Poppy Jack Productions and Seven/Five Productions proudly present A Dozen Summers: a film for children and adults alike, exploring what it really means to be 12 in the 21st century.

The comedy, which introduces a wealth of young talent – both new and established, alongside names from film and television, including The Office’s Ewen MacIntosh and Doctor Who’s Colin Baker was a true labour of love for writer/director Kenton Hall.

The film was completed through a mixture of crowd-funding, traditional funding streams and a specially-designed programme which trained a group of young people as professional production assistants.

Ewen MacIntosh, Scarlet Hall

“The film came out of being a parent of 12-year-old twins,” says Hall, “They do say write what you know, after all, and it had struck me that my daughters were living through a particularly confusing time – no longer young children, not yet adults, but with a social life and opinions and a worldview unique to them. And I didn’t feel as though that age bracket was being completed served by films – they have their adventure films (which they love) and we as adults have films warning us of the dangers faced by young people, but there was nothing honest and funny that took them seriously as people.”

“We’ve tried to put that right a little.”

Scarlet Hall and Hero Hall – who inspired the film – play the central characters Maisie and Daisy, who hijack a traditional children’s film to tell their own story.

“It was an honour to work with my girls on this film – who were already starting out as actors, despite my desire for them to get real jobs and look after me in my old age. They worked their socks off and made me exceptionally proud – as a director and a Dad.”

“The rest of the cast, too, have been astonishing. Sarah Warren as the girls’ Mum, who I’d worked with on the film M.L.E., which she wrote and directed, delivers a beautiful counterpoint and an iconic comic role. We had the amazing Colin Baker – MY Doctor, the hilarious Ewen MacIntosh and some incredibly up-and-coming young and young-in-a-different way actors in every part. It was a joy to make.”

“And then there’s Andrew Stamp’s beautiful music and the amazing cinematography of Geoffrey Gilson and Gurdeep Sian. The whole team was incredible. I couldn’t have wished for more.”

“We’re just raising our final post-production funds and aiming for an August completion date. We genuinely just can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

A Dozen Summers is currently in post-production and you can support it here:


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A Dozen Summerswas written and directed by Kenton Hall, produced by Kenton Hall for Monkey Basket Films, Alexzandra Jackson for Poppy Jack Productions, executive produced by Jez Simons and Himani Simons for Hathi Productions and stars Scarlet Hall, Hero Hall, Kenton Hall, Sarah Warren, Colin Baker (Doctor Who), Ewen MacIntosh (The Office), Kieron Attwood, Tallulah Sheffield, Quinton Nyrienda (Young Dracula), Holly Jacobson, David Knight, Kylie Lee, Demi Lou Allen, Sylvia Robson, Glenn Bilic, Holly Hurn, Jordan Handford, Jim Peakman, Karen Ayre, Clifford Hume, Sanjiv Hayre, Sophiya Sian, Richard Stephenson Winter, Yasmin Allen, Michael Smith, Willow Davies and Marcella Just.

It is currently in post-production and will be released later in 2014.

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