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Andy Dodd Interview


Andy Dodd at what time in your life did you take an interest in filmmaking?


Pretty much from about the age of eight after watching Romero’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’ – I always tell the story about sneaking downstairs late at night to pop the video into the video  player ‘top loader’ – I watched it with amazement and just thought it was the most amazing film I’d seen. I just wanted to create stories and make films after that – I was always getting my mom to rent return of the living dead and other horror movies for me. She used to rent full size VHS video camera’s for me too and I’d rope my friends in to playing zombies.


Tell us about your background in film.


I’m was self taught and making amateur films – then I went on some really good intensive filmmaking courses and also gave up my time to work on other films – I’d shadow and listen and learn. I made my first 40 minute film on Super 16mm in about 1999 and then decided I needed to learn more about the whole filmmaking process. So I worked on loads and loads of projects while I was writing. I sold a screenplay in about 2004 called ‘transfer’ – but after that I concentrated on writing and directing my own films – I took a break from it all in around 2006 for a few years to recharge my batteries.

What is your film The Apostate: Call of the Revenant about?


The film deals in contrast: life/death; light/darkness; incarceration/freedom;  loss/hope. I wanted to show duality. I wanted it to play like a short term memory. see how the events were amplified and embellished while the story is recounted. a moment can be remembered as something momentous or that momentous memory can be stripped in to an absolute fabrication – depending on the situation. I wanted to look at change driven by loss, life driven by loss and sacrifice driven by loss.



Where did you get the idea for the story?


I’d written a short story about a man who wants to ‘pay back’ society because he loses someone close to him. That was called ‘the Apostate’, which can mean ‘somebody who give up faith or something he believes in’ (basic) – he decides to set off a bomb, but it detonates too quickly and he gets trapped in the rubble after the blast. It developed from there into quite a different film.


Who are the main characters in the film?


There are two main characters – ‘Lance Cooper’ the antagonist or the protagonist? lol and Detective Inspector Hollie Andrews – a hardnosed cop who always .gets her man’.


Andy Dodd


Who were/are some film makers who you look up to?


George Romero, Woody Allen, Scorsese – I have a lot of time for films’ by these guys. I quite like Tarantino too…


What are some of your interests outside of film?


I did martial arts for a good number of years and still practice as much as I can. Read A LOT. My second main passion is football – I do watch a LOT of football.


Andy Dodd thanks very much for your time.


Hey – no problem 🙂

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