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Erroll Shand Interview

Erroll Shand tell us a little bit about your background in acting.

Well, I’ve done a variety of local and international film and tv. Variety being the spice of life so I never pigeon hole myself and limit my options, therefore I  consider every project on it’s own merit.  Whether that be a style,  a story,  a group of people I want to work with or a cause that needs a voice.  I like to be challenged – a few prior projects I have been involved with include Underbelly Nz, The Waterhorse, Sunny Skies and Harry.

Erroll Shand

Your latest role is in a film called The Z-Nail Gang. What is the film about?

The Z Nail Gang is an amazingly honest and heart felt film, telling the unbelievable true story of a community in the Coromandel who band together to preserve their home against the strong arm of a mining company that want to open a mine destroying the local Mountain – Te Maunga.  But more than that, the film is about discovering inside ourselves what are the values we hold dear and what are the things we as a people want to preserve.

Does your character support or oppose the mining?

Dave is one of those chaps who is happy just being. He surfs,  he pots I.e is a potter, he has a beautiful wife and family and is very content just living.  Being anti mining is just way too much effort and he has a firm resolve to put his head in the sand and let stuff blow over. But when the things that Dave holds dear are threatened life takes on a new deal and his mana and lust for life are awakened.

What themes and challenges does the film present?

The film represents the strength of what a community can do when they join as one. The power we can muster when we believe in a cause – as with how this whole film was made. Nothing is achieved with inert action and rolling over and looking the other way. We as a people need to make our voices heard If we want to make a change or hold on to what we hold dear – Aotearoa – our home.

Erroll Shand 3

Was there one thing which attracted you to the character?

For me Dave is a man finding a sense of place and a sense worth in himself. He is a man like many kiwi males – who speaks little and proves himself through his actions. I liked how identifiable he is, even though maybe not through his initial actions and activities, but he is the “everyman” of the story. The vehicle from which you as the audience can view the madness happening around. I am also really interested in characters that are based on real people – and Mark who Dave is based on is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. A true character and activist,  a passionate man and a man who utterly deserves to have his story told to inspire further generations and ignite their passions.

What do you hope audiences will take out of the film?

I truly hope people walk away seeing this film for what it is – the heart and soul of a community is truly filled with gold. That’s where the true value is, not in the material stuff and what you can sell but in each other. We laugh, we cry, we go through tough times but If we standby each other we can get through anything.  This film isnt trying to be anything other than what it is – its a great kiwi yarn and the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Thank you very much for your time

Thanks and enjoy the film

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