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Five Interesting Binge Watching Trends for 2016

Last month’s release of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens prompted a mass binge by the loyal and devoted of the previous 6 installments of Star Wars Films.

A notable change this time around is that mass binging of movies and television has moved away from the conventional television set and gone online. More people than ever are joining up to websites –such as bingeout.com – which offer internet streaming media services, a trend set to continue.

So with that in mind, here are our top predictions as to what will happen when people set down for an extended viewing of their favourite movies and tv shows.


  1. The New Normal

There has been a lot of research done into how people are consuming TV series and movies, with the results suggesting that high quantity consumption is the new normal. People would rather watch a new episode straight away than wait a week, with 73% of those interviewed seeing this as a positive thing. We reckon it will become the new normal.

  1. Healthier Snacks

It’s no secret that the diet choices on these grand occasions are not the best. Huge amounts of potato chips, chocolate and fizzy drinks are consumed, leading one riding a roller coaster of energy. We reckon with the current health movement will gear a change towards healthier eating in these extended viewing marathons.

  1. Stricter Curfews

There are some very well made programs people can get hooked on when binge watching. So much so, one can often lose track of the time and end up feeling exhausted the next day from some late night screenings. We can see the self-imposed curfews geared towards maintaining consistent sleeping habits, so one doesn’t feel like a zombie in the morning.

  1. Less reliance on the internet

This may seem a bit paradoxical, considering the movement towards online TV and movie watching is growing. But people want to experience movies and films without the spoilers. They may have been forwarded onto something by friends, family or colleagues and to avoid hearing any spoilers, we reckon they’ll have a tunnel vision focus when binging.

  1. Multiple Series at a time

Previously, those of us who binged normally only had one fixation that we went with. In 2016, we reckon that will change and people will start binging on multiple television and movie series at once. How will that work? We’ll let time be the deciding factor on that one.


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