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Fruit of the Fungus Film

Link to the film here: www.vimeo.com/picknroll/fruitofthefungus

About the film:

Fruit of the fungus

Actress Michelle Romano of Roman Media has teamed up with Josh Mitchell of Wickid Pissa Films to release their new short film “Fruit of the Fungus” at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, which takes place next week in Park City, Utah on January 22nd-29th.
Michelle stars as Nancy Nachman and Josh Mitchell plays Ned Nachman and the story centers on an estranged brother and sister who must reunite over the death of their famous father.

Shot over two days on location at Runyon Canyon in Studio City, the film is a toast to family and a valentine to good food, wine, and friends. Romano and Mitchell, both Boston transplants, met 10 years ago in their hometown and linked back up in Hollywood to partner on “Fruit of the Fungus.”

The film is slated to be showcased at film festivals across the country.

Check out the official Facebook page here – www.facebook.com/Fruit-of-the-Fungus-380891012081375

You can watch the film here – www.vimeo.com/picknroll/fruitofthefungus

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