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Garth McVicar Top Six Favourite Movies

Garth McVicar is the Conservative Party candidate for the Napier electorate.  He shares his top six favourite movies with Cinemaddicts.

garth mcvicar


Crocodile Dundee: Just like me taking the country boy to the city and the way he deals with the criminals.


Happy Gilmour: Because I need some light humour after watching what the Internet/Mana party are doing to the country I love.


Erin Brockovich: Standing up for and fighting for what she believes in – much like me!


Man from Snowy River: just a good old family favourite


Ghost: Just one for my wife and I to enjoy.


Steve Jobs: Why would you not like this- incredible man- inspirational story of self- motivation. A man who set out to make a difference like me.

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