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Greek Gods in London Seek Your Patronage

For immediate release

thebes-5You’ll find them along London’s Northern Line: Aphrodite’s temple in Shoreditch, Athena’s temple attached to the British Library, Ares’ temple in Trafalgar Square…welcome to the world of The Northern Line Series, created by Jessica Burn and produced by Fall of the House Productions.

The Northern Line Series is a re-telling of Greek myths, set around locations on London’s Northern Line. Currently there are three short films in the series: A Gift from Aphrodite, Into the Labyrinth and The Guardian of Thebes.

Instead of mortals seeking the patronage of the Gods, right now it’s the other way around: The Northern Line Series is currently crowdfunding the fourth short film in the series, Medusa’s Kitchen on IndieGoGo. Medusa’s Kitchen re-tells the tale of Perseus, the mortal charged with tracking down and beheading the mythical Medusa. But instead of ancient Greece, Perseus is in hot pursuit across the streets of modern London.

So why tell this particular tale? “The way I see it, Medusa gets a really bad rap,” says The Northern Line Series creator Jessica Burn. “She isn’t out in the middle of the street mercilessly turning people to stone. She’s minding her own business. Perseus goes to her. Why? Because his stepfather tells him he couldn’t kill the gorgon. So we’re seeing the story from her perspective. I think it’s about time.”

To find out more about the crowdfunding campaign for Medusa’s Kitchen, visit the campaign on IndieGoGo: https://igg.me/at/medusaskitchen/x

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