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Interview: Chris Tyler


When did you first take an interest in acting?


I’ve always been a lucky one to watch great movies and see great actors perform. I hadn’t ever considered acting in a movie myself, mostly because I had no idea how I would start. Of course like any kid, I fantasized about being a spy, or a soldier, or whatever other “cool guy” I saw in the last movie I watched, but it wasn’t until I watched Silver Lining’s Playbook that I really took interest in pursuing acting as a career. After seeing Jennifer Lawrence’s performance, I went on Youtube and watched over 3 hours of interview footage with her in it. I was so amazed by the way she held herself, that I decided to create a new life goal. Meet, and eventually marry Jennifer Lawrence. So needless to say, that’s what got me into acting, and got me to actually attempt it.


What are some films which you have starred in, short or feature length?


It wasn’t that long ago that I was drooling over Jennifer Lawrence interviews, so I haven’t had the pleasure of acting in any films yet. The Coffee Cafe series will be the first time I get the opportunity.


How do you prepare for a movie?


I think it is very important to study the character you are going to portray. For the Coffee Cafe series, I have had the ability to not only speak with the director about Reaper, but also read the books and find a way to connect with the character. In my eyes, acting is a mental game. If I can think like the character, and understand the character, I can essentially be the character.


What would be your dream role in a movie? And why?


I remember watching Saving Private Ryan for the first time, and I couldn’t help but care very deeply for each of the characters. It is a very emotional movie, and for good reason. I would love to play a soldier in a movie based around WW2 or Vietnam. I am a huge history buff, and nothing would be more exciting than to put both of my passions together. The realism and raw emotion behind some of those movies in incredible, and I would be honored to take part.


Who are some of your favorite actors/actresses of all time and why?


My absolute favorite actor would have to be Leonardo DiCaprio. I have seen just about every film that man has been a part of. He captures the audiences attention like no one else. The first movie I ever saw with him in it was Titanic, and I was a fan ever since. His mannerisms are always spot on with his character, and he creates an emotion in the scene that is so strong, is hard not to become emotionally involved yourself. Of course like any fan, I have watched countless interviews, and it has only strengthened my liking of him. Hes quite a brilliant guy, and defiantly one of the greatest actors of all time.

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