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Interview: Josh Mitchell

When did you first develop an interest in film making?


My parents split when I was eight and I would spend my weekends visiting my father and our favorite activity was attending double-features at a local theater. He would take me to strange pairings like “The Sword in the Stone” followed by “Flashdance.” The diversity and edginess of the content compelled me and I became an overt cinefile early and it never really stopped.


Who are some directors that inspire you?


I am really impressed and encouraged by directors like Steven Soderbergh and Robert Rodriquez who can direct and camera operate their own films.


What is your short film The Convicted about?


It’s about a mafia boss who loses his power and is forced to humble himself to survive. You can watch the first installment here – www.vimeo.com/ondemand/theconvicted  


Tell us a bit about some of the cast to feature in it.

The Director

Tommy Otis stars as Don Figaro and he is one of the most dedicated, passionate, and cerebral actors I have met in Hollywood thus far.


Where did the writer get the idea for the story?


Alex Helisek is the writer-producer and he is a New York guy so he was inspired by the great gangster classics like The Godfather and Goodfellas.


Where was the movie filmed?


The bulk of the first part of the film was shoot at a historic Italian restaurant called Micelli’s on Ventura in Studio City. The second edition takes place in a courtroom and the final chapter will be in a prison.


What has the response been like so far?


The initial reaction has been awe-inspiring. Last month we won the audience award in the HollyShorts monthly screening festival at the prominent Chinese Theater in Hollywood. We have a few other elite festival screenings in the pipeline too.


What are some of the challenges that come with making films?


The biggest is securing the appropriate budget to execute the material. Another major challenge is managing personalities and keeping the energy and motivation at its pinnacle on set.

Do you have a particular style of directing?


I try to keep my directing style loose like the perfect pair of jeans. I’m very encouraging and welcoming of ideas until the time slips away and then I morph into a more blunt and articulate leader.


Any future projects you would like to mention?


I have a slew of completed films on the slate to be released in the next few months – Desert Drive, Hemorrhage, War of Mind. I’m currently writing a sprawling feature film called Gods and Gangsters and a children’s picture called Harry Head. I hope to shoot these in the next month or so to meet the Sundance Film Festival deadline in September.


You can watch all of Josh Mitchell’s movies here – www.vimeo.com/picknroll


If you are looking for a top-notch publicist visit Josh’s website – www.wickidpissapublicity.com

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  • Denise Carey-Costa July 11, 2015, 4:54 am

    Josh Mitchell directed my first documentary “Tony’s Tale, Tragedy in Arizona” in 2014 and it went on to win 6 film festival awards and is now in distribution. He is an excellent director. I was so impressed with his work on my first film I have hired him to direct my next film “Growing Up With Hollywood” about the child star era. He is also an amazing publicist. The first week after I hired him to promote my books and my upcoming film I was inundated with emails requesting radio and print interviews. He definitely does the work you pay him for and goes above and beyond for his clients.


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