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Interview: Olaf Blomerus

Olaf Blomerus did you ever envision yourself as a filmmaker growing up?
I’ve always been drawn to telling a story through some visual means. Thanks to an education in photography, I have a pretty large understanding of light, colour and composition. Those skills have been a blessing and a curse when it comes to story telling. I’ve tried recently to focus less on making something just visually appealing and really focus on the substance of what I’m saying. So did I envision myself as a filmmaker? I don’t know. But a storyteller, most definitely.
Olaf Blomerus
What filmmakers, producers, actors do you enjoy?
Way too many to list. If I were to round up a quick list off the top of my head it would range from Rian Johnson to David Fincher to Christopher Nolan to Steve McQueen (the director) to Spike Jonze to Alfonso Cuarón to Paul Greengrass the list goes on. It’s really unfair to even try and categorize/rank them because they all bring such dynamic reasons to admire them. Fincher has been my compass though as far as a measure to hold myself against. I see Fight Club as the perfect movie to judge all others from. Perfect.
Hello world robot
Your short film Hello World emphasises the positive elements of technology.Can you tell us a bit more about why you wanted to tell this story.
Artificial Intelligence is kind of like the Russians. They’re always the bad guy. And it’s unfair (to the Russians too) because film can have a huge influence on society’s perception (Jaws, anyone?). Especially when they don’t understand something. Something as complex a subject as the advancement of synthesized intelligence is hard to take past someone thinking the Matrix is going to happen or Skynet wanting to take humanity down. There’s a space in film to tell the other side of what “could” happen in the future (Her is such an amazing example). We could go left, but we could also go right. There’s so many different outcomes that technology can bring and if society’s perception is steered one way, that may very well be what ends up happening.
hello world
Is Android a Robot based off current or futuristic technology? And what type of nature does it have?
I’d love to say we had enough time to really develop the engineering angle of the Android in our story, but we didn’t, and I’m not an engineer or scientist either. There are some heavy concepts we loosely based our ideas on like deep learning vs. machine learning. To sum up a complex subject in a few words: replicating neural networks vs manually inputing information to create an intelligence much closer to ours and more natural. It’s hard to sum up what nature it truly has without giving away the story, but I’d class it’s nature as “observing” and leave the mystery at that.
Olaf blomerus 2
What special effects are used in the film?
The Android is created entirely in post with various 3D applications and composited in after the animation and rendering process. We had a stand in actor (Robert Sainsbury) in a MoCap style grey suit that helps with the animation process as well as mixes of motion graphic elements to help bring us into a futuristic world not too far away.
Hello World 10 Days Left
How can Cinemaddicts readers help see this short film made?
If you’re amazing readers are looking to help Hello World, they can head to our Kickstarter page  (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blmrs/hello-world) and pledge towards the post production needs. They can also share, tweet, like, etc on various social media to help get the word out. Hello World will be finished no matter what, but every dollar helps us finish it faster, better, with even more talented people collaborating to help tell the story.
Olaf thank you very much for your time.
You’re very welcome and thank-you for the same.
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