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Los Muertos Haunts its way to crowdfunding

Los Muertos

On the Day of the Dead, a young woman and her friends are hunted by the dark souls of Purgatory.


Whittier, CA, New director Alfonso Flores brings us the creepy supernatural horror film LOS MUERTOS

Los Muertos is an American independent horror film laced with the legend, myths and folklore of Dia De Los Muertos and Catrina The Lady Of The Dead. All the traditional elements are uniquely integrated into a compelling modern story Alfonso is confident will raise the hairs on the back of your neck and seeing things moving in the dark when your at home.   

Location: Our film began shooting late November of 2013 at the Linda Vista Hospital, formerly known as the Santa Fe Railroad Hospital. It was erected in 1904 and rebuilt in 1924 after a massive fire. Due to its high mortality rate throughout the years, Linda Vista was shut down in 1991. It was considered one of the most haunted locations in Los Angeles until it was completely remodeled by a real estate developer shortly after we finished filming the hospital sequences. It’s now Senior Housing. We’re very proud we were able to fund shooting at this location before this insanely terrifying location was lost for all time. Seriously, shooting here was beyond creepy. We consider it a badge of honor we can count ourselves as one of the very last films ever filmed at this historic site.

ADDITIONAL FILMING LOCATIONS: (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) throughout L.A., Orange County, Whittier and San Fernando Valley.
Alfonso and crew are currently seeking additional funds for the film via indiegogo. Check out the campaign page and show your supporthttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1735701079/los-muertos

Learn more about the film at the following links…

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