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‘Someone to Carry Me’ to have US premiere at ‘La Femme Film Festival’

Press Release: ‘Someone to Carry Me’ has US premiere at ‘La Femme Film Festival’ 18th October 2015

A thriller, action, drama, Inspire Entertainment’s new movie, Someone to Carry Me, is about a young man who dreams of becoming a professional musician. His pampered life is suddenly shattered when he discovers who is responsible for a brutal murder. Finding himself hunted by those he trusted, he is forced to run and take refuge in a small town.

Samuel Thomas, the lead actor and film editor, also wrote and produced the film. He says the film took 7 years to materialize and that he is thrilled and excited that it will be finally released. For the movie to be shown in public at ‘La Femme film festival’ for its US premiere is quite an honour. He feels humbled that his work has been recognized.  “I have been working on the film for seven years now. Having the chance to share it at ‘La Femme’, an internationally renowned film festival is awesome. It is always nice when your hard work is recognised.”

The movie was filmed in Auckland and around the Awhitu District in 31 days early 2012. Thomas brought Terry Allen on as director. The experienced cast includes Gwendoline Taylor, David Capstick, Paul Thomas Lewis and Scott Harding.

Thomas oversaw the production process from start to finish. Publicist, Stuart MacAdam, said the young filmmaker is very talented and single-minded. “Samuel funded the entire production budget and did most of the pre and post production work himself. He is a very talented and determined filmmaker.”


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