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Press Release: The Expressionless Movie

Newark, New Jersey – January 1, 2015, The Expressionless is written and Directed by filmmaker, Israel LaBoy – a graduate of Temple University in Pennsylvania and a cutting edge digital film school in New York City.

The film is loosely based on an urban legend of the same name.

The Expressionless

This short will be the prequel to another longer short, Wake Me When I’m Dead.

Both shorts have as the lead character, a woman named Diana Sands. She is an actress, a dedicated mother, wife… and practitioner of the occult.

In The Expressionless, we are introduced to Diana Sands right after a horrific car crash as we hear the sounds of an emergency room staff working frantically to save her life.  Here we begin Diana Sands exploration of her subconscious.

The Expressionless 2

Wake Me When I’m Dead continues the journey into Diana Sands, exploring even deeper levels of her subconscious as she moves closer towards her inevitable. We follow her on a dark journey as she enters a surreal world of nightmarish images that lead her to a discovery you have to see to believe.

For interview opportunities or more images email cykmediaal@gmail.com

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