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Over 48 hours (+1hr daylight savings) in April thousands of filmmakers from Northland to Southland got stuck into writing, shooting and editing short films in the 12th annual Rialto Channel 48HOURS. All films had to include a prop – a ball, a line of dialogue ‘not with that you’re not’, a character named ‘Morgan Foster’ and were allocated a genre from one of twelve genres.

48 hour film festival

Blood, sweat, tears and rendering pain have boiled down to this – the top 14 in the running to be crowned the 2014 Grand National Champion. The Grand National awards ceremony takes part on May 30 at the majestic Civic Theatre in Auckland with 14 short films, including four Sir Peter Jackson Wildcards duking it out for the glory and prizes.

The Grand National Champ will not only have the honour of being the best out of 700+ entries, but will also win a prize-package valued at over $40,000. The 2014 Grand Finalists are:

Team: Black History Fortnight – “Selfies and Poetries” – Genre: Against The Odds

Team: Cinema In Decline -“Interference” – Genre: Shock Ending

Team: Grand Cheval – “Mi Amigo Mandarena” – Genre: Race Against The Clock

Team: Hoganstreetheros -“Feed” – Genre: Horror or Splatter

Team: Lense Flare – “Pants On Fire” – Genre: Musical or Dance

Team: Mexico – “A Lesson on Probability” – Genre: Against The Odds

Team: Mukpuddy – “Dead End Job” – Genre: Horror or Splatter

Team: Noise and Pictures – “Rubble” – Genre: Horror or Splatter

Team: TBALC – “The Ex” – Genre: Rom-Com

Team: The Eh Team – “Le restaurant d’erreurs” – Genre: Mistaken Identity

And the Sir Peter Jackson Wildcards with comments by PJ himself:

Team: Asylum – “Flicker” – Genre: Time Travel

‘Very clever story-telling; terrific use of camera, visual Fx, and sound design plus wonderful performances, create a genuinely scary, very memorable tale.’

Team: Cinetrance – “Irrevocable” – Genre: Fantasy or Adventure

‘Lyrical and evocative. A great example of how mood and tone and a non-linear narrative can make a genuinely affecting piece of storytelling.’

Team: I Love Loops – “Framerace” – Genre: Race Against The Clock

‘The joy of animation is all here in this marvellously chaotic little film, which employs a number of wildly differing styles and animation techniques, to tell the most simple of stories. Fantastic!’

Team: Simo & Simmo – “Dick Off” – Genre: Revenge

‘A joyfully ballsy tale of bloody revenge! Great use of camera, sharp editing and bold performances – make for compelling viewing! NZ cinema needs more comedy and gratuitous violence!’

Further nominees in other award categories will be announced on Friday, May 16.

Tickets for the Grand National Final being held Friday, May 30 at the Civic Theatre, Auckland are on sale now at Ticketmaster for $20 + booking fees http://www.ticketmaster.co.nz/event/24004C8EE2B83757

For further information visitwww.48hours.co.nz


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