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Scott Matthews Top Five Movies

Scott Matthews is the Founder and Managing Director of Finance Life,  a botique finance broking business specialising in residential and commercial lending. He shares his five favourite movies with Cinemaddicts.
Scott Matthews
1. The Lion King
Great family movie with great values and so entertaining for all ages. I have even named my dog Simba.

2. Les Miserables
I am a big fan of the stage production and thought the movie did it a lot of justice. Awesome cast!

3. Love Actually
I am a romantic at heart and a Christmas fan. I love this movie and I love Kiera Knightley.

4. Top Gun
I feel the need, the need for speed. Who doesn’t love fighter jets and fast action? It is essential to watch this with a good sound system.

5. Pretty Woman
Well, I am writing this list from the Beverley Wilshire, so how can I go past an all time great like this.
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