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The Door Enters Post-Production

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For those of you just joining us, I’ve just started  post-production on my most recent feature – The Door. It’s an independent horror movie that I wrote, directed and produced. The movie’s small budget was financed entirely by my wife and I, and I plan on self distributing the film once it’s ready for the market just before Halloween this year.  We finished shooting about a week and a half ago.


DoorpicJessandOwenjacket (1)

Andrew, our picture editor told me last week he was already about 25 minutes into the edit, which is amazing.  My original desire was to have Andrew edit the movie while we were filming, to help ensure that we could have it out by mid October.  However, as we began shooting we fell behind schedule and needed his help on set.  After the third day we were far enough behind that we realized it was going to be a problem so we spoke to our aggregator (JUICE) and doubled check our timeline and discovered that we could afford (time wise) to take Andrew off editing and use him on set.  In this day of self distribution, an aggregator is more or less a “Middle-man” between filmmakers and certain distribution platforms like iTunes.



DoorpicJessandOwenjacketWe are on schedule to have a “picture lock” on The Door in a few weeks.  Once we have the movie locked, it will move on to our composer and our post production sound department.  Most of the scares in the movie will be greatly enhanced though the music and sound effects.  Once the movie makes its way through this stage, we will finish the special effects we need and it will move into the sales/distribution stage.


For any indie filmmakers out there looking to get into self distribution, one of the biggest lessons I can pass along to you that I am learning is how important it is to be aware of the requirements all of the various VOD platforms will have.  For example, when we were deciding to take our editor away from cutting the movie while we filmed and bringing him onto the set we had to take into consideration the time aggregators will need, especially for iTunes.  Your aggregator will first need to run a QC or quality control on your movie to make sure it meets broadcast standards.  This type of QC is common when delivering a movie and can very heavily depending on the size of your movie and how it’s being released (theatrical, broadcast, DVD etc).  In addition to the quality control, iTunes has a very specific and proprietary set of encoding specifications movies on their platform need to meet.  A large part of our business plan is to have the movie available just before Halloween, and our issue was knowing whether we could afford the additional time in post production. We knew that having a horror movie premiere two weeks after Halloween rather than two weeks before would have an adverse affect on the interest and ultimately it’s sales.  In this day and age, indie filmmakers will need to arm themselves with as much knowledge as possible.

We are also in the middle of getting the first drafts of our poster and key art done.  I should have something to show all of you in a week or two, and if you have joined our mailing list (through that annoying pop up box you see when you first come to the site) you will have access to cool things like the key art, trailers and more behind the scenes info before anybody else.

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See you next week!

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