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The Pursuit of Health and Fitness in Films

There are a lot of films which have been made with a strong emphasis being placed on the fitness element. This is no accident because these films are powerful. They can change, revolutionise and define generations and completely change their attitude and mentality towards a particular sport. This list identifies the five top fitness movies which have done that. We’re going to explore in more detail what the end goal of having such extensive amounts of fitness films produce.

A person’s own personal desire to achieve can be ignited in two ways. The first is out of their own personal desire to succeed and do well; the second is by seeing someone else achieve big, instilling a belief that they too are capable of achieving greatness.

Films are fused with inspiration, as are sports. That story of overcoming great struggles resonates so highly with us when we see stories of great athletic accomplishment because we know that, in all things we need to first need to believe. And these larger than life stories, characters and prominent sports figures help lift us up to that level. Their pursuit of big goals makes us believe that if we’ve ever wanted to run a marathon, climb a mountain or lift heavy weights, it can be done. Nothing is beyond our limits.

What we begin to understand as well with more fitness is the positive financial and societal response it generates. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and movie makers know that. They need to generate interest straight away, else they’ll become irrelevant. Currently, fitness is very relevant, so exploring what it can do to the lives of people matters immensely. The movies are simply catering to a wider need for the perfect level of fitness. People who are in good physical shape are looked at in a far more positive life than those who aren’t. Nobody will ever achieve prime fitness it but so long as Rocky Balboa gets up and Arnold Schwarzenegger does one more set of bicep curls, they inch closer to that end goal.

The great message is also sent through to people. Fitness training scenes inspire us to get going now, instead of waiting until tomorrow.

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