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The Song the Zombie Sang Press Release


F.Y.I.D.I. Films is excited to announce the start of their crowdfunding campaign for the feature length film project The Song the Zombie Sang, based on the classic short story by Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg.

Written and to be directed by A.T. Sayre (writer/ director of the award winning feature film Whatever Makes
You Happy), The Song the Zombie Sang is planned as a low budget independent production, to be funded
primarily (if not exclusively) by its Indiegogo crowd funding campaign, in partnership with Indiereign.

Principal photography will occur at the end of the campaign, between late in 2014 and the spring of 2015.
The film evolves around Nils Bekh, who was once the world’s greatest living musician and composer. With
the ultracembalo, a musical system that uses a neural interface and data gloves, he created and performed
some of the greatest compositions in history. He died an icon, his name and music deeply etched into the
story of humanity.

But Bekh the musician continues on. He is reanimated nightly to perform for an adoring public. In death,
Nils Bekh has the immortality that before only a man’s work could achieve without him.

Outside the circles of wealth and privilege that flock to his concerts is Rhoda, a gifted young music student
in the infancy of her own career. Driven to the point of obsession, she has few friends other than her doting
and supportive boyfriend, who is determined to stand by her. Most everyone else sees her as arrogant and
self absorbed. But Rhoda doesn’t pay them any attention; both slave and master to her art, the only things
that matter to her are the melodies and compositions that constantly swirl about in her head.

On the verge of an enormous creative breakthrough, her academic career crumbles around her and she
lashes out at the few friends she has. Feeling frustrated and hopeless, Rhoda is determined to meet and
confront Bekh, whose performances she finds soulless and whose success she envies.
With a daring and dangerous plan, she breaks into the hall where he lays, awaiting another call to his half
life, another call to perform. When she finally comes face to face with the great composer, their meeting
turns into a pivotal night for both her and the legendary icon.

Indiegogo crowdfunding page- www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-song-the-zombie-sang/x/878366

Official site- www.zombiesong.com

Twitter feed- www.twitter.com/Zombiesangfilm

Facebook Page- www.facebook.com/pages/The-Song-the-Zombie-Sang/679858478734781?

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