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The wonderful Wayward Film Festival

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Sundance and Cannes. Raindance and TIFF. Wayward and Tribeca. What do they have in common? They’re all Film Festivals. We see film festival awards listed on film posters, and photos of glamorously attired stars attending film festival premieres.  Movie buffs seem to clamour to attend film festivals, to see what ‘the next best movie’ will be. Yet, besides satisfying the appetite of cinema addicts, do we really know the other functions that film festivals like Wayward fulfil? Well, it’s via film festivals that movies like ‘La la land’ and ‘Me, Earl and the Dying Girl’ have got noticed. And directors like Quinton Tarantino and Christopher Nolan got their big breaks through presenting successful films to film festivals.  Let’s look at how Wayward Film Festival showcases undiscovered talent.


Opportunity to showcase talent

Wayward Film Festival, for example, provides an opportunity for new and unknown filmmakers to get their work shown to audiences and to have their films reviewed in order to win one of the prizes on offer. Filmmakers whose movies get shown at Wayward film festival not only get the buzz of a live audience response, they may also get press attention or exposure to prospective agents and buyers.  Of course, any film maker who wins a prize is the recipient of a handy cash award.

Breadth of scope

Wayward film festival is really broad in scope — they welcome a wide range of subject matter and film lengths. Whether you are an accomplished director trialling something different, or a first-timer with a neat idea, or even a prolific YouTuber, Wayward Festival welcomes all and wants you to share your work. Some festivals are specific to one film genre, such as documentaries, or to one length, such as shorts, but this does not apply to Wayward Festival. The awards on offer reflect this commitment to diversity. Amongst the numerous awards there are awards for TV pilots, Short films and documentaries.

Encouraging raw talent

Green, unknown filmmakers are forced to work independently and it’s an arduous road that they traverse. They work in small studios or scout for suitable settings that occur in the vicinity of where they live. Actors and crew are often family, or volunteers, and props and costumes may have to be adapted in the best possible way, to accommodate the director’s vision. Through their personal – or crowdsourced – funding, they transform their ideas into a film that they hope to release to the public. They may lack the bells and whistles of Hollywood, but they have talent and ambition by the bucketful and this is what Wayward Festival wishes to encourage. Peter Jackson, the talented director of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, got his first big break via a film festival. Jackson’s first movie, Bad Taste, used many of Jackson’s friends working for free, as actors and film assistants. Jackson shot most of the film on weekends as he was working full-time for a newspaper. His experience and meteoric success could be replicated by someone who enters the Wayward Festival this year!

The Wayward Festival Showcase

Wayward is an independent film festival that showcases works from international filmmakers. Independent filmmakers of all levels are welcome at Wayward and the USD $10 entry fee means that the cost of entry is not a barrier. The closing date of 12 March 2017, for entries to Wayward Festival, is fast approaching. This will be followed by a fabulous launch event on 25 March 2017 in Los Angeles, where trailer screenings will be presented and the finalists will be announced. Without entering your film into a festival like Wayward, your film may remain forever in obscurity. This event offers a chance for independent films to be screened and professionally judged. Furthermore, it’s at film festivals, that cinema fans can see the new — and often daringly different — films they would never be able to find in mainstream cinemas. They’ll be able to do this at the Wayward Festival from 1 June to 4 June 2017 in LA and in London in September 2018. However, Wayward also has cinema and streaming partners that enable them to screen films all year long.

Step outside the box

The Wayward Festival motto is: Films Outside the Box and they seek to promote movie talent by showcasing works from international filmmakers. Their raison d’être is to assist filmmakers to tell the really inclusive stories, the stories of real people, the stories that Hollywood often declines to tell. Wayward Festival is a cross-genre celebration of compelling narrative and art that may inhabit the fringes. Wayward supports the telling of all stories and validates the variety of perspectives that might be adopted to tell the stories.

How best to forge ahead in the filmmaking world? Hop outside the box and enter your film to the Wayward Film Festival. How can conversations about mainstream media bias be opened, unless underrepresented artists get a forum to showcase their work? How can relevant social issues be addressed unless these issues are aired? And if you’re just a cinemaddict, but not a filmmaker? Push the envelope and hop outside the box by supporting independent filmmakers through attending the Wayward Film Festival. Book it into your calendar now.

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