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Three benefits of collaborating with up and coming musicians

Film makers and music go together quite nicely. Often, a good soundtrack can be the match winner for a film. I am convinced that up and coming musicians have a lot to offer with film soundtracks and songs. Here are my top three reasons why you should consider working with them. There is also a list of singers and bands I recommend too.


1. Passion- Up and coming musicians are always determined to get their work out there and are very fired up to work tirelessly on a project, even when there is little financial reward.

Master and Apprentice

2. Expertise- Film makers know what kind of sound they are looking for. The musicians know how to deliver it and will patiently work with you until the score is just right.



3. Value- Most big name artists and bands have big asking prices for their work. Aspiring musicians are happy to work for very little or for free on many occasions. And a lot of the time, the value of their work is just as good.



Here are some up and coming musicians who I would recommend you contact if you need some musical talent for you film.


1. Johnny Darlin

Johnny Darlin



2. Emily Rice

Emily Rice



3. The Thomas Brothers

The Thomas Brothers



4. Jacob Binnie

Jacob Binnie



5. Mice on Stilts

Mice on Stilts



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