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TOO BIG FOR THE WORLD press release

Too Big for the World is a documentary under production about muscular women of all sizes and female strength. The heroine of the film is Irene Andersen, a professional bodybuilder and mother of three. Irene is out on a mission to see why the biggest bodybuilding competitions are closing down female bodybuilding.
This year the European championship, the World championship and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s competition Arnold Classic shut down female bodybuilding. When investigating why female bodybuilding is being shut down Irene will also meet up with amazing women in muscle building and strength sports around the world.

This will be an inspiring, powerful film and controversial film.

We’re now having an Indiegogo campaign and have spread the film to many people around the world. There is less than 33 hours left on the campaign so everyone who wants to support the film can visit the campaign here: http://bit.ly/1pV9Q5Z

It’s so much fun making this film and we thank everyone who help us with the making!

Hanna & Renzo Aneröd and Irene Andersen IFBB PRO

The campaign video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBhGQJcMa28

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