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Top Five Movies with Financial Stuff in it

Top Five Movies with Financial Stuff in them

Boy oh boy, there have been some excellent movies about things related to finance.

From the snake-oil smooth stockbrokers, to the more complicated world of financial TV shows, some fantastic movies come up when you think about finance.

What is it that we really enjoy about these gargantuan flicks of the finance world? Is it the fact that they – like so many inspirational real life figures – like to take big risks?  Or is it their cocky, screw-the-rest-let’s-make-money-attitude?

Here are our top five favourite movies about finance.

  1. The Wolf of Wall Street

Who can forget this classic film based on the life of Jordan Belfort. Charismatic and determined, he rises up the wealth ladder quickly, living the high life. All of this was based on lies, leaving Belfort and his colleagues in deep financial trouble with the authorities.

Wolf of Wall Street


  1. Wall Street

Oliver Stone directed this timeless masterpiece. Before the age of the internet and computers, Wall Street provides one of the most comprehensive fiction reality insights into just what goes on in thee world of stock exchanges.



  1. Inside Job

This film was an Academy Award winner and a Cannes Film Festival selection for a very good reason; it changed people’s beliefs about a seemingly complicated industry.

Director Charles Ferguson powerfully uses narrator Matt Damon to capture the key events and players within the perfect financial storm. From HOW WE GOT HERE all the way through to WHERE ARE WE NOW, there’s a lot of interviews, a lot of international perspective and plenty to take out of this great movie.

inside job mobie


  1. The Pursuit of Happyness

Will Smith delivers a touching and inspiring performance as Chris Gardner, a single father who embarks on a life-changing career as a stockbroker.

The film unpacks and explores how much study, networking and personal luck is required to be successful in the industry.

pursuit of happyness movie

  1. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

It was the company whose value continued to go up and up, yet no one could quite figure out how or why the company was doing so well. Enron’s senior management were skewing the financials and not even producing balance sheets or cash flow statements for their investors.

This great movie opens up the darker side of financial embezzling. Like The Wolf of Wall Street, this was also based on an entertaining, yet depressing true story.

enron the smartest guys in the room

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