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Trilogy of Films set to break Crowdfunding Records

The Coffee Cafe Film Trilogy

October 1st, 2015

A trilogy of films in the horror/thriller genre is poised to set a new world record as the largest film crowdfunding project of all time.


The Coffee Café Film Trilogy is aiming to fundraise $10,500,000 USD through Indiegogo, smashing the record currently held by the Veronica Mars film, which raised $5,702,153 USD using the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.


SJ Hardy, who wrote the trilogy, will be directing all three films to keep with authenticity. The inspiration behind her books draws from her own life experiences.


“I’ve faced a lot of struggles and challenges in my life, which led to all three Coffee Café books and for me, this project is personal. Although most of the events are fictional, the feeling, inspiration and motivation behind it isn’t. It’s easier for people to understand a bruise. It’s something you can see. Coffee Café Trilogy is more than a trilogy of horror, it’s the evolution of horror. There are no vampires, werewolves etc.; the ‘monsters’ here really could pass you on the street and you would not know it. That is one of the reasons why I am determined to see this film raise all the funds it needs.


The other reason is, I have an amazing cast and crew who have stood by and supported Coffee Café Trilogy – and of course, there’s the audience. I want to give them something beyond their expectations.”


Hardy says crowdfunding provides many benefits, particularly the chance to engage and interact with movie fans which she welcomes and looks forward to.


“A successful film comes down to the people who not only see the film, but also really enjoy it. By crowdfunding, we show them that we have a movie concept which we believe is a winner and worth the blood, sweat and tears.”


The cast and crew have been finalised and filming is scheduled to begin in May 2016, with the first film being released later on in the year. The two prominent names in there are Julianna Michelle from ‘The House is Burning’ and Natalya Rudakova from ‘Transporter 3’.


Funding has already begun and will conclude on 1st April 2016. To find out more about Coffee Café Trilogy, go to www.coffeecafethemovie.com

To make a donation to the campaign, go to




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