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Zooppa set the bar high

Zooppa is the global social network for creative talent. We are the world’s largest source of user-generated advertising, committed to the vision of real people and leading brands working together.

Zooppa was founded in 2007 near Venice, Italy. After successfully bringing people-powered brand energy to the Italian marketplace, Zooppa was launched in the U.S. in December 2008. From its global headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA, Zooppa has expanded rapidly, bringing major brands together with Creative talents from around the world.

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Zooppa’s recent achievements:

–       – 250,000 community members

–       – 5,000 new members per month

–       – $2,100,000 in awards paid

–       – Brands that work with Zooppa: Google, Samsung, Nike, Amazon, IBM, Philips, Reebok, Samsonite

–       – Agencies that work with Zooppa: Unilever, Ogilvy, BBDO, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Mind share and ZenithOptimedia

–       – Recent Partners: Raindance Film Festival, Film Freeway, IFN, Digital Film Academy, Filmmakers Alliance, Chicago Portfolio School, and the School of Advertising Art

–       – Silver Award Recipient at the 6th Annual Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media for their campaign with Reebok to bring back the Reebok Pump.

–       – Along with The Integer Group they were awarded Best Advertising Online Campaign at the 2014 Internet Advertising competition for their campaign with XBox One and Slurpee.

–       – The People for Smarter Cities initiative with IBM was recognized by The Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age and Fast Company for its success. The project crowdsourced digital videos from around the world showcasing how citizens would improve their cities.

–       – Zooppa was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies of 2014.

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Success stories from our community members:


On the US platform, Joel Moss Levinson has been a Zooppa member since 2009 and is known for being an internet personality. He has participated in many of Zooppa’s video projects and has a love for creating new jingles. He’s made a successful living off of crowdsourcing projects and has also released an album available on iTunes here http://bit.ly/2776itunes. Check out more of his work here:http://www.happyjoel.com/


On our Italian platform, one of our members started his filmmaking activities with Zooppa, then became a freelance and now he’s shooting his first Hollywood Movie produced by Christian Halsey Solomon, the producer of cult movies like American Psycho. You can follow the adventures of Vito and Roberto on the facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/icescream.movie or on the official website  of Ice Scream – http://www.icescreamthemovie.com/!

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