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New Zealand Film

Thomas Brothers recently released their debut self titled album. But what few people know is that their journey in making the album began with their involvement in the film Someone to Carry Me. We sat down with them and were amazed to learn about how the challenge of making a film soundtrack gave them the confidence to… Read More

EVER THE LAND is an important film. Any serious student of New Zealand history will want to put this into the “have-to-watch” basket. Its documents some of the hows and whys of the landmark Ngai Tuhoe Te Kura Whare, the living building. And it documents some of the divisions among people as well: suspicions, fears,… Read More

You’ll probably like Chasing Great if you’re an All Blacks fan, a Richie McCaw fan or a rugby fan. For those who know little to nothing, you’ll probably leave feeling a bit confused. Walking out the cinema, I felt like I’d just watched a game of rugby which ended in a draw. The retired All… Read More

Poi E is a ‘feel good’ New Zealand documentary type film. It provides a warm, intimate, and informative story about a well-known song, and the people who played a major part in putting it all together, performing to national and international audiences. It is a story about Dalvanius Prime who conceived the song. Although he was… Read More

The New Zealand Classification Office today advised that the documentary Embrace, due to screen at the New Zealand International Film Festival in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin has been classified as “Unrestricted M: suitable for mature audiences 16 years of age and over”, with a descriptive note for “offensive language and nudity”. This New Zealand… Read More

I, Daniel Blake, winner of the Palme d’Or, will screen at NZIFF 2016 direct from its Cannes world premiere. Twenty three films in total are confirmed, including eleven titles from the Cannes Competition selection.   “To be screening so many of the best films straight from Cannes on the giant screens of NZ is a… Read More

Cinemaddicts founder Stuart Macadam was Live on Air with David Bell to talk about the latest in New Zealand Film. Some of the topics included film festivals, the economic benefits which the industry brings to the country and what it’s future looks like.

Is Fifty: The Movie inspiring? Yes. Is it visually stunning? Yes. Is it worth watching more than once? It’s probably a bit too early to tell. Malcolm Law is no stranger to endurance events. In 2009 he first completed the 7 in 7 challenge, running all of New Zealand’s great walks in just one week.… Read More

What is Penny Black about? Penny Black is a unique film about materialistic Penny Black (Astra McLaren), on a journey to save her career when she meets a mysterious guy named Guy (Anton Tennet), who makes her question her lifestyle and how it affects the rest of the world.   Where did you get the… Read More

Press Release: ‘Someone to Carry Me’ has US premiere at ‘La Femme Film Festival’ 18th October 2015 A thriller, action, drama, Inspire Entertainment’s new movie, Someone to Carry Me, is about a young man who dreams of becoming a professional musician. His pampered life is suddenly shattered when he discovers who is responsible for a… Read More