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Thomas Brothers Interview

Thomas Brothers recently released their debut self titled album. But what few people know is that their journey in making the album began with their involvement in the film Someone to Carry MeWe sat down with them and were amazed to learn about how the challenge of making a film soundtrack gave them the confidence to go on and achieve greater things.
Tell us a bit about how things began for you guys as a band.
Our parents are both musicians so we’ve always had music ingrained in us. We’ve been performing together since we were young so the ‘Thomas Brothers’ was a natural progression.
Someone to Carry Me was a film you were all heavily involved in. What were your roles outside of the music side?
Samuel Thomas was excecutive producer and script writer but we were all heavily involved in the production of ‘Someone to Carry Me’. If you watch carefully you can spot each of our us making cameo appearances scattered throughout the film. 
What are the challenges which come with creating a film soundtrack and how did you approach it?
The soundtrack sets the tone of a film/scene so it’s a make or break situation. The soundtrack has to help connect the audience to the characters without the audience realising what’s happening. It can involve a lot of trial and error, playing around with different feels of music, till you find what you’re looking for and the scene suddenly starts to shine.
Did you write and perform the music in anticipation or did it just slot in naturally?
Someone of the tracks were written specifically for ‘Someone to Carry Me’ and others were already recorded.
How did it help you when it came to creating the album? (talk about how it gave you the confidence to complete something on this scale, the benefits of hard work and mixing etc)
The knowledge I’ve gained through making a feature film is especially relavant when shooting music videos. We’ve already shot 8 music videos for our debut album ‘Thomas Brothers’ and we’re looking to shoot several more in the near future. Keep an eye on youtube.
The tracks on the film sound great. Can we look forward to hearing your music in any other upcoming films?
Yes. Several productions have asked for our tracks.
Tell us about what we can expect on your new album?
Imagine the sound of a waterfall inside a rainbow pouring into a volcano. Basically the best thing you’ve ever heard.
Click Here to watch the music video for their track I Need to Get Home
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