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22 Jump Street review

No changes needed to a winning formula

In 2012 the Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill bromance erupted onto screens worldwide. This duo consisted of the muscle-bound jock (Tatum) and the higher intellect (Hill). When you put the two opposites together, you get two cops overcompensating and looking to do things exactly like a cheese-ridden 80’s action flick. That means lots of avoidable confrontation and a disregard for Civil liberties. Expect nothing less in 22 Jump Street.


It is clear in 22 Jump Street that there is still significant chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. They have an ability to complement each other on screen even though they are polar opposites in a physical sense and in roles they have previously played.Hill’sresume carries a more dominant comedic portfolio such as: Superbad, Knocked up, This is the End. Whereas Tatum has had more serious roles for the duration of his career: GI Joe: Retaliation, Fighting, White House Down. Their ability to complement one other, resembles sweet and sour and works very well on this platter of trash talk and easy laughs. The chemistry between the two is highlighted in a scene when Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) are looking for information from a counsellor’s about their case, during a period when their friendship is strained. In order to avoid blowing their cover they pretend to be a gay couple discussing their relationship issues. It is a hysterical situation in which the two use deeper meanings to discuss their strained working relationship while undercover as a “couple”. The scene shows a level of synchronisation that demonstrates their ability work confidently in situations off-script.


In order to keep this winning formula on the same track as its predecessor, directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have drawn from the same holster and targeted the same key demographic who will enjoy the type of humour it presents. Ice cube makes a return as their streetwise fear-mongering captain who will yet again add some one-liners to the party. The casting also adds other up comers in the comedy scene to pack a punch. This includes Jillian Bell (Mercedes) from Workaholics who brings a rest-in-peace, level of awkwardness.  YouTube star, Jimmy Tatro (Rooster), also does a great job of inserting himself into another supporting comedy role.

In the second outing of its franchise, 22 Jump Street lives up to its predecessor. This is done by sticking to the exact same formula of the first. It features lead actors who have an on-screen presence and great on-screen chemistry, along with an accomplished cast that can create genuine chuckles. When you put this together, you have a movie that will be just as hilarious, and just profitable, as its predecessor.

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