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A Chance to Not Remember Review

A Chance to Not Remember strikes you with its slick directing, solid acting and smooth cinematography.

Two friends agree to meet at a bar to catch up and trade stories with each other. The worry is that one of them might have a violent burst while they are there, like he did last time. Both however try to explain away the situation as being nothing to worry about. Only, things do take a bad turn, very quickly. What sparks it? I’ll let you find out.


Director Henry Croston’s is well known for having strong cinematic skills and leads his cast and crew strongly. I enjoyed the slick focus time shots and clever colour grading which was used to bring out the emotion of the film. The actors-Calum Stevenson, Callum South, and Joseph McQueenie- all seemed to understand their characters well. As an audience, nothing is more painful than wanting to help out those characters in despair. But that is also what makes a great film. The cast and crew create that environment which allows us to connect with these characters.

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Problems come up and they come up very fast when the characters start talking over the film’s soundtrack. And the stairs sequence, as well acted and filmed as it is, is let down by a rather upbeat song, far more upbeat than what you’d expect.

It is a short film to remember for most of ten minutes; but if you have a chance not to remember, the film may eventually be lost to memory.

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