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A Haunted House 2 Review

Let’s start with a clarification at the beginning. A Haunted House 2 is a film that spoofs horror films. If you’re not interested in comedy then now would be a good time to stop reading, and find another film.

Still here? Okay. The entire circus of comedy in this film revolves around Malcolm, played by Marlon Wayans (star of White Chicks and Scary Movie). Malcolm has a white wife, with her two white kids, and a Spanish neighbour. Their family moves into a haunted house with cameras that play out a lot of the time like the movie Paranormal Activity. Hilarity ensues with a lot of black humour, humour about race, and sexual slapstick. But really the only thing that holds the whole mess together is the character of Malcolm and his various antics. The movie follows him around like a sitcom character, but the whole thing feels like a hastily put together sitcom episode where the writers just ran out of good ideas.

I can count the amount of good dialogue in this film; it’s about three good lines that made me chuckle. There is this one quite drawn out part in particular where all we have is Malcolm upset about his dog and dancing around for about a minute and it isn’t even funny, just a massive cringe fest. This is probably the worst part of a DVD I have seen in a long time because it just doesn’t work. Despite the fact that most of the comedy misses the mark in this film, there are still a few funny moments, I laughed once and chuckled about three times. But just so you get a more considered opinion, half way through the movie two of my flatmates started watching and their opinion was also that this appeared to be a quite manifestly stupid movie. Although I did catch one of them laughing twice. Most of the time things fall back on sexual humour and slapstick, which could possibly be the films only comedy upside if you like that sort of thing. Towards the end a couple of good supporting characters also appeared that may provide some redeeming qualities depending upon your perspective, as they were well acted and provided some amusing moments.

Overall however I think this is probably a movie you should watch when you’re high or drunk. If you’re sober or straight edge, even if you watch scary movies, and like humorous spoofs, maybe give this one a miss.

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  • Ian September 15, 2014, 10:10 am

    This review is funnier than the film, and a lot better put together.


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