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Ask Annabel: Wedding Crashers review

John (Owen Wilson ) and Jeremy (Vince Vaughan) are Washington lawyers who crash weddings to meet women. It’s very successful as they meet lots of women and they have their ‘code’ of wedding crash rules…..all 115 of them. John wants to meet William Cleary, Secretary of the Treasury, as he read some report of his so they decide to crash the wedding of his daughter, Christine. Pretending to be Uncle Ned’s children they pose as brothers and crash their way in. At the church John spots Claire (William’s daughter) in the crowd and that’s it for him. Jeremy is happy to peruse the talent.

Claire is cute (but then Rachel McAdams always is, and can always do the slightly perplexed expression she did so well in  “The Time Travellers Wife”….well if you were married to Eric Bana and he was always just taking off,  leaving a pile of clothes behind and then you never knew when he will turn up again…you would look perplexed too. Note to Rachel  : you are not a blonde, please keep your hair dark) and as the movie progresses you can see she is not happy with Zack and is  falling for the charms of John.

Wedding crashers

Gloria ( Claire’s sister ) is definitely off her medication but carries it off in a kooky red haired way. Despite being on the loopy side, Jeremy falls in love with her. Her wedding is ruined by the John/Claire moment but I won’t spoil that for you if you have’nt seen the movie.

Zack is the horrible boyfriend and it is slowly dawning on Claire how truly awful he is …so there are more sad expressions.  Jeremy spikes his drink so he spends most of the movie in the bathroom wrapped around the toilet while John makes the most of sailing on the yacht with Claire and riding bikes to the beach to show her what a nice guy he is.

Jane Seymour is Kathleen the cougar mother who has her eye on John and is keen to show off her boob job. Todd is the tortured younger brother who is on the creepy side and has a secret crush on Jeremy. He would make a good match with Chas (Will Ferrell). Mary (William’s mother) speaks her mind in very colourful language on every topic and is hilarious.

Still posing as Uncle Ned’s kids, they are invited to the country house with the Cleary’s. John makes the most of his opportunities with Claire and Kathleen, while Jeremy has some interesting experiences with Gloria and Todd.

Their deception is revealed by some equally horrible friends of Zack’s and then William banishes them from the house. A few months later, John is still in love with Claire and pining around his apartment in his pyjamas with empty pizza boxes all over the place. Jeremy has been secretly seeing Gloria despite calling her a “stage 5 clinger”. John decides to crash the engagement party of Claire and Zack to make contact with her again but just gets beaten up. A new low in sleaze is revealed by Chas (Will Farrell) who crashes funerals with the hope of picking up lonely widows.   John agrees to crash a funeral with Chas but he has an emotionally mature awakening at the funeral. If you have’nt seen it, I will leave it there. A funny movie, definitely on the adult side, with sexual content, but both John and Jeremy come to a mature place in their lives as they realise they have met their soul mates. Question for all the film studies students out there – what is the significance of Washington monuments and memorials in American films? So many have the characters sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial discussing deep and meaningful issues while gazing down the National Mall.


The Ask Annabel review scale :

***** Excellent – see at least twice at the movies and buy the DVD the day it comes out

****   Very good

***     Good and possibly buy at the Warehouse in the $10 bin

**       Watch on Sky if home sick and incredibly bored

*         as abysmal as the “Deep Blue Sea” which is the worst movie I have ever seen

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