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“Awesome” Antman


Paul Rudd is Scott Lang, just released from San Quentin for burglary and fraud and looking to rebuild his life after 3 years inside. He needs to prove himself a stable parent so he can have visiting rights with his young daughter Cassie. Michael Douglas is Hank Pym, who has worked in the area of shrinking technology for years and pioneered the art of shrinking matter. Hank’s daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly) is working in the same field with  Darren Cross who has invented the yellowjackets…tiny wasp robots which he wants to sell as a weapon of terror as they can infiltrate anything.

Scott is persuaded into a burglary for some extra money even though he does not want to get back into crime. He burgles Pym’s house and manages to get past the fingerprint access to the basement and then blow up the 1910 impenetrable safe with liquid nitrogen. But there are no wads of cash in the safe and no jewellery or antiques just a rather old fashioned motorbike outfit (or so he thinks). He takes it back to his apartment and tries it on in the bathroom…of course it is the original Antman suit and with a twist of a knob on the helmet he is down to ant size. A flatmate comes in to run a bath and of course as Scott is ant size  he is washed away in the giant bath with the water like a tidal wave coming at him. He escapes up the shower curtain and on to the floor but at such a tiny size you have to look out for huge feet.

Hank persuades him to work for him and destroy Darren Cross’s lab so the yellowjackets are never released on the world. Darren is also working on changing the size of matter but has not quite got his technology sorted out and his several attempts to shrink cute little white lambs are …well not a success.

This is a great action movie, perhaps the first hour is a bit slow as it sets the scene… the ant suit has to be stolen and Scott has to be persuaded to take the high risk job.  He could be altered forever into a tiny size or he could shrink down to an altered stated of reality and never come back. But the thought of spending time with his daughter motivates him to take the job.

The second hour rattles along at great speed with Scott learning how to work the antsuit and control the armies of ants to help him. He makes a quick trip to steal something from the Avengers HQ and the final scenes in Cassie’s bedroom are really funny. To help him out Hank give him 2 discs,  one which will shrink an obstacle and the other will  enlarge anything which come in useful for unexpected obstacles. Watch out for Thomas the Tank engine. This is great entertainment as it is clever and funny with human emotional drama thrown in.  You will think twice about squishing ants after this movie.

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