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Deadpool Review

Deadpool_poster_goldposter_com_18Based on Marvel’s unconventional anti-hero, Deadpool tells the origin story of how mercenary Wade Wilson takes on the alter ego of Deadpool, after a rouge experiment leaves him with super strength and accelerated healing powers.
The merc with the mouth has finally made it on to the big screen, after over a decade stuck in development limbo. There is a reason it has taken so long to get a dedicated Deadpool movie made, this is not your average superhero outing. This movie is a subversive, offensive (in a good way), crude joke filled adaptation that finally gives the character of Deadpool the movie it deserves.
The tone of the whole movie is set right from the opening scene, where self-deprecating credits are run over top of footage of a slow mo car crash. This is what Deadpool is about, and it is not afraid for everyone to know it.

It’s easy to miss with all the in-jokes and 4th wall breaks (and at one stage a 16th wall break), that at the heart of the movie is a somewhat kooky love story that drives the origin tale for Deadpool as a character. Other characters in the Marvel universe have struggled with their origin story, focusing too much on fitting into a wider universe. This is where Deadpool is uniquely positioned. Whilst being a part of the wider Marvel world (and actually being able to link into the X-Men franchise due to some fancy backroom deals between studios), his crass personality will never slot in to a wider ensemble movie and still allow it to keep a M rating. Deadpool is always going to be in his own R rated world on his own R rated terms.

Since test footage was leaked over a year ago finally hinting that we would be getting a Ryan Reynold’s led movie, fans have been waiting to see how accurate an adaptation can really be made from the R-rated comic book. Many were nervous that the anti-hero stance which makes Deadpool such an interesting character could be lost. All these fears have now been abated, this is as accurate an adaptation you could get and the movie wholly embraces its own R rating. This is definitely not a movie for the kiddies, but some oddball adult entertainment.

  • Written by Nureete Burnie
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