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Don’t Breathe Review


Don’t Breathe is putting audiences on the edge of their seats all around the world. It is a bloody, nerve-racking thrill ride that had me breathless from start to finish.


Two desperate housebreakers partner with a college freshman whose dad’s position with a home security company helps to open a lot of doors. They target the house of a blind war veteran (played by Avatar’s Stephen Lang) who is sitting on $300,000 in the only occupied house on an otherwise deserted block of bankrupt Detroit. But what our housebreakers don’t realise is that this blind man is more than a match for them, and has some horrifying secrets hiding in the basement.


That last sentence doesn’t give too much away – in fact, if you watch the trailer, you’ll see a snippet of what lies beneath the blind man’s house. Despite being advertised as a movie with “The best twist in years!” there isn’t exactly a Sixth Sense moment in Don’t Breath – more a series of twists and turns that just keep coming at you.


There are also some truly gruelling moments in this movie that had the audience I saw it with gasping audibly all around me. It’s been a while seen I’ve seen a movie create an impact like that!


Don’t Breathe is the best executed thriller I’ve seen in years. It does lack an emotional heart, with characters you don’t much care about, but that doesn’t take away from the experience of the film, which gets by on sheer style and technical bravura just fine.


If you can take it, Don’t Breathe will take you on an incredible cinematic thrill ride. Just remember to breathe!

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