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Film Review: Grand Budapest Hotel

This is a fast-paced, comic story set in Europe between the first and second World Wars. It keeps viewers entertained for an entire two hours, with lots happening.

Gustave H (played by Ralph Fiennes), the loyal concierge in the famous European Grand Budapest Hotel, strikes up an unlikely friendship with the hotel’s lobby boy, Zero Moustafa (introducing Tony Revolori). After a piece of priceless art is stolen, an adventure begins with Gustave and Zero traipsing across the country with the police and an angry mob, hot on their heels.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

There’s something for everyone in this film! You will find plenty of adventure, love, and honour and there are the funny, gory scenes too. The cast is full of big names and it was funny hearing the audience laugh as the different faces appeared on the screen. The slapstick humour prompts a smile at times, but we didn’t laugh out loud as much as we were expecting to … knowing the cast and having seen the trailers, I expected more sustained hilarity.

The movie, full of quirks and poetry, is well scripted. However this will be lost on the younger viewers and I don’t think they will appreciate the film for what it actually is. The scenes were artistic and varied, ranging from 1930’s prison cells to swinging cable cars, up in the snowy mountains. Some “James Bond’ over-the-top action adds a funny touch too!

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