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From Justin to Kelly

From Justin to Kelly left a huge dent in Justin Guarini’s music career while provding Kelly Clarkson with a further reach to get her name out. Either way this musical is evidence that musical talent does not correlate to acting talent. It is easily the worst musical ever made and pushes very hard for the title of worst film ever made too. It is as disappointing as a cold roast meal which has come straight out the oven.

Kelly, a Texas waitress is persuaded to join her friends on spring break. Justin, a Pennsylvania college student has been eagerly awaiting spring break all year and is all amped up and ready to meet some girls.


Set in Fort Lauderdale, the two meet each other, discovering that they both have a passion for music; go figure. Kelly’s friend Alexa gets jealous, trying to split Justin apart while her other friend falls for a Latino waite. Justin’s muscular, good looking pal Brendon fancies himself as a ladies’ man, as pathetic as his pick up lines are. This is a contrast to his other friend Eddie, a shy, nerdy fellow who is trying to hook up with a cyber pal.

If you are in the game of watching bad films to understand why they are so bad, watch this one. It is unlikely you will even remember a single line to any song sung, or feel empathy towards the dozy characters acted out by C grade actors. The big beach parties are forgetful, most notably one with large black storm clouds over a usually blue sky. Who on earth would party hard in that kind of weather?

Grease, my favourite film creates a lasting impression, with such a contrast between bad boy Danny and good girl Sandy. From Justin to Kelly left a lasting impression but not a good one. Justin and Kelly are so flaky as characters, lacking any emotional depth. Thankfully both lead actors are skilled singers. And just as well that Robert Iscove has not been given the directing reigns too many times after this awfully tragic film.

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