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Gone Girl Review

Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) wakes up to find his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) missing on the day of their 5th wedding anniversary. He calls the police and the sharp eyed detective notices  blood specks on the kitchen wall, the floor has recently been badly washed and there are signs of a struggle in the living room as the glass coffee table is smashed. So then it is off to the police station for questions and the house is searched for more clues and Nick goes to stay with his twin sister Margo while his house becomes a crime scene. Amy’s parents organise a hot line and a website for people to help look for Amy with a local hall taken over for volunteers to have coffee and donuts while looking for Amy. They are those kinds of people – if they had any political connections they would have had Navy seals and military helicopters also involved.  There’s intense media interest in Amy’s disappearance with all that goes with it. And Nick is saying firmly to the police and the media  “I did not kill my wife”……but can we believe him?

Flashbacks over the last 5 years occur in between the police scenes and the viewer sees Nick and Amy meeting, falling in love, the marriage proposal and how they end up in North Carthage, Missouri from the Upper West side of NYC. Amy writes a series of children’s books called “Amazing Amy” with her control freak parents also involved in the business.

I sat there watching the movie imagining how it would turn out and forecasting where it was going, but I was wrong. I was sure the trust fund from Amy’s book sales would be a part of it as there was a lot of money tied up in it and there were some financial problems … so a staged murder could’ve been possible. Yet when Nick says he did not kill his wife he could also be telling the truth. But the movie spirals downward in a crazed descent into madness with a graphic and bloody murder scene and unexpected twists and turns. If you have read the book this will be no surprise but if you have’nt – well it will all be revealed.

I have always liked Rosamund Pike since noticing her in Die another day (2002) with Pierce Brosnan as she had such an English rose type of beauty and looks so sweet and innocent as if she spends the day picking flowers in a sunlit garden. David Fincher (director) chose her because she had a “dark side”. This is correct – she’s a female equivalent of Norman Bates in this movie. Perhaps she does project a dark side, if her personal life is anything to go by, as her partner is 18 years older than her with 5 children to other women and a heroin problem. She has a child with him and is pregnant with her second baby so perhaps Rosamund has a thing for bad boys? After this movie you will see the real Rosamund. Go and see it – it’s great. So good I am now going back to see it again just so I can put all the story together.

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