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Lucy Review

What to say about ‘Lucy’… a film so lost in a world of passé film plots it’s a wonder people know what I’m talking about when I mention the film’s name.

Movie director Luc Besson, well known for his preceding creations such as ‘”The Transporter” trilogies (Starring Jason Statham)  and the much more prevalent film “Taken” (Starring Liam Neeson), must have found this movie..(Insert dramatic pause)…and killed it.

This, my dear movie lovers, is definitely a film to forget. Yet you find the name “Lucy” on the lips of many. Now why is that?

A leading cause to its leisurely rate of subsidence may be due to the fact that a certain Scarlett plays the lead role… and oh how she plays it. The sensational Scarlett Johansson takes centre stage in the role of Lucy, a 25 year old American woman studying in Taiwan, caught up in the big bad world of drug dealing gone wrong. But let’s start from the beginning, literally.

The film’s first opening scene is that of a prehistoric ape woman scooping up water for a drink, followed by a seductive voice-over with an introductory statement that left me baffled. “Life…”it says “…was given to us a billion years ago. What have we done with it?” Flash forward a billion years and we see that earth is full of cities, people, lights, cars, babies, tall buildings, neon signs displaying noodle canteens. To be honest it looks like humanity has gotten quite far if you think about it, so I am left thinking I missed some underlying point with this statement. It then directs its attention to Lucy debating with a peculiar looking fellow sporting orange sunglasses. Was the opening question related to her? Yes, ok, if you dated a guy like that you most definitely have not done anything with your given life, was that your point?

The film follows an old favourite in Sci-Fi movie concepts, the theory that all humans have access to only 10% of their brain’s maximum capacity. Professor Michael Weisend (played by Morgan Freeman) gives us this what-if scenario. As the film progresses we see Lucy accessing 20, 50, 80 and finally 100% of her brains capacity. What happens when she reaches this point you may ask, well the ending will have you walking out feeling like a popcorn stuffed chump.

As the rest of the film follows this pointless trajectory I am going to save you the hassle of watching this Film on screen, let alone paying for it. A quick rerun of its plot should suffice, and so a quick rerun I will give you:

Lucy is used as a literal drug mule, with a bag of what is known as “CPH4” sown into her stomach.

Flash Forward, she is told to fly to America, but before doing so, is held in a small cell somewhere in the middle of Taiwan.

Flash forward, one of her captors tries to get it on with her (A little of our favourite Avenger’s Black Widow coming through in this scene), she fights back, he hits her in the stomach, drug bag burst, drugs start leaking into her blood stream. Oh look, Lucy is now floating and flailing on the roof?!?!?!?!


The acting capacities of actors are often tested on ground breaking movies, and seeing as this is neither ground breaking nor that difficult a character to enact, it seems rather a disappointment when we witness Johansen’s version of what anootropic drug-dosed victim would look like.

But in any case Lucy has now gained psychokinetic abilities, blue eyes, and Kung-fu skills. In addition to proceeding to kill her captors, she contacts Professor Michael Weisend to have a nice little chat about his theories, and finally chases down the infamous drug lord “Mr Jang” to give him a nice pair of palm holes instead of killing him.


Oh gosh, why am I still writing? If you’re already bored, just imagine the movie.

!Spoiler Alert! (If you can call it that) Lucy finally flies to Paris whilst being chased by a couple of pissed off Taiwanese goons, so that she can have a little tête-à-tête with Professor Michael Weisend before literally download herself into a memory stick made out of the universe.

Overall the movie was predictable, it might just be me, but how are you meant to defeat a freaky female who can turn a group of ninja goons into floating, flailing human inflatables? So in general I would rate this about 2 stars. However I did appreciate the CG in this film so I will be forgiving and bump it up another star. It will definitely be 90 minutes of unforgettable regret.



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