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Night Crawler Review

Jake Gyllenhaal (Lou Bloom) brilliantly breathes life into an airy Dan Gilroy film. This creatively told story on how to cheat, manipulate and murder your way to the top of the TV news game, will at times, delicately balance you on the edge of your seat.
We follow the selfish ambitions of a selfish man who gets everything he wants…did I mention selfish?? ….Lou Bloom is a man without friends, conscience or moral limits, in Lou’s own words, it’s not that he doesn’t understand people “it’s that I just don’t like them.”
There’s no mention of any friends or family or any idea of Lou’s upbringing but Jake’s solid portrayal of the betrayal and fearless domination of everyone in Lou’s life in order to climb higher, is at time tortuously funny. Lou effortlessly manipulates his sidekick, Rick (Riz Ahmed), who doubles as the only character with a conscience. Rick consequently pays the ultimate price for it. With his most powerful weapon – his mouth – Lou brilliantly talks himself in and out of various excruciatingly awkward situations.
Whilst Nightcrawler is brilliantly told, well written and with solid interesting characters, it is lacking in substance. I struggled to find the point of this film and didn’t find it particularly relate-able.

Aside from the two worst hit men in history who fail to notice a bright red ‘Challenger’ closely tailing them for an extended period of time or the police who for some reason ignore Lou during the car chase scenes or the fact that apparently it takes zero training to be a news cameraman, there are a lot of laughs and on a whole it’s an entertaining watch.

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